About MyNaBO

About Us

MyNaBo – which simply means (My neighbor)- An app created for the global world and Africans to interact, socialize, transact, exchange within their neighborhoods. Earn money for every actions and get paid directly to your bank account.

Our aim is to bring streets, neighborhoods, and neighbors together, fostering warm-hearted surroundings where everyone has a neighborhood they can run to for fun, rely on in terms of emergency, security, public alerts, connect for exchange, news, and local business. Because to us neighborhoods, friendliness connections beget a great nation you can thrive in.

More Reason to Choose us

Establishing affinity in our world is every human’s comprehensive needs; You turn to your acquaintance — Your neighbor — daily to receive information, render and get help, and build real-world connections with your neighbors, local businesses, and public agencies.

In choosing us, you get to connect to your neighbor to ask critical questions, chat and create neighborhood forums and groups.

At MyNaBo, we realize that people living in certain communities are more than just residents. They’re also made up of small and medium business owners, volunteers, civil servants, security agents, that keep our neighborhoods strong and connected.

Our driven Force

It is not news that all neighborhoods are among the most important communities in our lives, and that has been our main focus and foundation since we launched; building connections and relationships within neighbors in their respective geographical locations.

Our Sections

Nearby — at MyNaBo you can connect with the people you eat with at the neighborhood canteen, continue the previous argument at the newsstand or connect with the people you just wave at in your neighborhood.

Socialize: At MyNaBo-my neighbor- you get to know your residents’ names; initiates chat online and share live local locations.

Share your Startup — easily reach your most valuable customers who also use my neighbor — MyNaBo— and become a trusted member of the neighborhood.

Volunteer — Engage with the people who need you most in time of help;

Sanitation: Keeping your community clean offering help for the needy finding support from donors nearby and with features like Pasiparo- exchange by barter-, sell your used and unused goods on Pasiparo or our Market Place with features like that of pasiparo.

News and Announcement: — Share critical, real-time information directly at the neighborhood, for the neighbors, and the entire community.

Personal own Business: — share your locally approved products and services that improve neighbors’ daily lives. Get listed on MyNaBo community yellow pages so that your consumers can access your business directly from MyNaBo

Now you see we’re different?

Trust —. We ensure you’re connected to real people in your neighborhoods that matter to you as each and every member of MyNaBo - My neighbor- have real-time authentication before approval of profiles.

On MyNaBo Forum

History: Learn More about your neighborhood. The History, myths, and legends of that community or township.

Lost & Found: Did you lost something or found something in your neighborhood? You can post that here and wait for the good Samaritans of the neighborhood to come to your aid. Don’t forget MyNaBo is all about keeping your community as safe and humane as possible.

News: Latest News about your neighborhood. Information about your community is disseminated to reach everyone on this section of your neighbor community forum.

Public Alerts: Did you see someone your fellow neighborhood should be aware of? Someone at of ordinary? Might be new to the neighborhood, you don’t know if they/he/she mean good or arm, but your community should be aware of this? You can post that here for everyone to know and maybe the Community CDA or Mayor will get this and act on it fast.

Emergency & Distress: Human Disaster or Natural Disaster? We don’t pray for any but if it does happen, shouldn’t we be ready to assist our neighbor and community? Yes that’s why you need MyNaBo to connect with people and reach out to anyone that could assist you in terms of emergencies.

Market Place: You can post items you want to sell for free on MyNaBo, sell endlessly, don’t forget to check our Terms & Conditions to sell on our platform.

Trade By Barter (PaSiPaRo): We bring the old way of trading back to you, cash or cashless shopping, You can make use of our partner website Pasiparo.com or simply Trade by Barter on our Market Place and MyNaBo forum. Don’t forget to check out our terms and conditions.

Community Services: Be a good neighbor, let’s make the neighborhood clean and safe for everyone, join any community services happening in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to play it safe.

Missing Person: Just in case you or anyone in the community is in this predicament, kindly let us know by posting about it. We want to make the community safe as possible, that’s our goal!

How To: Learn how to do a lot of things for free. People willing to teach their neighbors about anything, how to do anything for free without having to hire any handyman/woman for it. You can check on here under your neighborhood to learn.

Events: We are Africa! We love music and dancing, do you have an upcoming event in the neighborhood? You can let us know here or check on events happening around your neighborhood (Skola is Allow) Skola Means gate crashing a party for food. 

Yellow Pages: What business do you have and want your communities to learn about? Tell us about your business, your address, website address, email, and phone number here. Don’t forget to check our community guidelines

MyNaBo Is Available on PC, Android and our IOS will soon be published.

To download our Android Apps, Click the link Below:


MyNaBO Timeline App
MyNaBO Timeline App for Android
MyNaBO Messenger App for Android
MyNaBO Messenger App
MyNaBO TV App for Android
YuuLearn App for Android
YuuLearn App


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