MyNaBo Community Guidelines

MyNaBo Community Guidelines

We're happy to have you here. We want everyone to feel welcome at MyNaBo, and we've created these guidelines to define the community values we want to build.

On MyNaBo, you're not connected by a common preference, but rather by a common connection to one place: your neighborhood. Let's build a strong one together. Be respectful of your neighbors, strong communities are based on strong relationships.

No Discrimination: We do not tolerate racism, hate speech or any form of discrimination.
Discuss Important Issues Properly

We have specific guidelines and spaces for important non-local issues such as national trust-based politics: we want everyone to know they are communicating with their real neighbor, so we ask you to use their true identity.

MyNaBo members play a key role in moderating the neighborhood by reporting content or members who violate these guidelines. Remember, rejecting a post is not a reason to report it. This slows down our ability to remove truly abusive content and create a platform that makes everyone feel welcome.

Why is MyNaBo account disabled?

MyNaBo is a place for neighbors to network, stay informed, and help one another in their daily lives. To ensure everyone has a good experience and MyNaBo remains a civil community space where all members feel welcome, safe, and respected, everyone must adhere to our community guidelines.

MyNaBo may disable accounts if it is found to violate our Community Guidelines or the Membership Agreement. Some behaviors that could cause your account to be disabled are:

Unsolicited commercial advertisements. Name or address Abusive messages or no neighbors Discrimination or hate speech Fraudulent activity or spam. Neighborhood Mayors are not allowed to deactivate member accounts. Only MyNaBo employees can deactivate accounts.

What can I do if my account is deactivated?

If your account is disabled, you will not be able to access MyNaBo or receive notifications from your MyNaBo neighborhood. If your account has been temporarily disabled, you will see a message with general information about the policies you may have violated, as well as a link to the Community Guidelines where you can learn more about our applicable policies.

At the bottom of the screen you will also see when your account can be reset. If you sign in again after the specified number of days, you will be able to access your account after agreeing to Community Guidelines. If you see a reset date, it could mean that your account has been deactivated indefinitely.

Accounts can be suspended indefinitely for violations of the membership agreement or for serious or repeated violations of the community guidelines. If so, you can contact us to find out more about the status of your account.

Please note that the authorization to restore depends on your account history and the severity of the violation. If you believe that your account has been mistakenly deactivated, please contact us to have your account verified. We usually respond to these requests within 48 hours.

Group Policy

In general, MyNaBo Community Guidelines apply to groups as well, with the exception of the following sections of the policy:

Be respectful of your neighbors

Profanity - Except for naming that suggests someone's identity, group administrators can choose profanity in their groups to allow.

Posting, Excessive Posting, Dominating, or Hijacking Conversations: Group Administrators can choose whether or not to enforce these policies in their groups.

Correctly Discussing Important Topics Local and National Politics / Issues: Group Administrators can decide which topics to discuss in religion: Group Administrators can decide which religion related topics to discuss in their groups properly

Promote local business properly Group administrators can set the rules for doing business in their groups (provided that they do not allow a violation of other guidelines, such as a ban on the sale of illegal or regulated products).In addition, Group Administrators have full discretion as to which members and contributions they allow in their groups, as long as they do not exercise that discretion in a manner that violates MyNaBo's non-discrimination policy or otherwise undermines MyNaBo's purpose.