Corporate Member Agreement

MyNaBo Business Page Appendix

MyNaBo Business Page Appendix Welcome to MyNaBo! This Addendum ("Addendum") describes your rights and obligations in relation to the use of a MyNaBo business site (each a "Business Page"), together with the MyNaBo Membership Agreement, which our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy (collectively the "Terms") If any part of this Addendum conflicts with any other part of the Terms, then that Addendum will apply.

The Terms will govern the administration of your MyNaBo business site (whether it is linked to a business account or a personal neighborhood account). By creating a business account on MyNaBo or claim a business site, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms (both in your own name and in company name), so please take a moment to read this legally binding agreement. If you do not agree to the terms, you may not claim any business site or create a business account, trade page and creation and Use of a trading account. Our mission is to harness the power of technology to help neighbors build stronger and safer neighborhoods.

We are providing business features such as business pages and accounts at our discretion to support this mission (useful information about business pages can be found here). Business pages on MyNaBo contain basic information about the business, such as address, business category, phone number, and a location map. If neighbors recommended or commented on the company, the company page can also display those recommendations or comments.

Most of the company pages on MyNaBo are built from third-party sources, such as: Members from the neighborhood of MyNaBo can also create a listing for a company if one doesn't already exist. You can claim your business site by linking it to your personal neighborhood account or by creating a new business account with a different email address. If you claim the business site with your personal account, do not allow your personal account information to be shared as usual You, the person sharing it, not only manage the business page but also act as "you" using their personal account.

You should only share your business account credentials with other authorized users. You and your company are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, including protecting your password, and are responsible for how others use your account. You are responsible for your business and must comply with our community guidelines and all applicable laws and industry standards, including maintaining the necessary licenses and permits and providing any necessary disclaimers, warnings, or notices.

By claiming a company page or creating an account for your company, you represent and warrant that the information you submit to MyNaBo is accurate and truthful, that you and the company will meet the eligibility requirements, and that your company will comply with all applicable laws. or you agree to maintain this accuracy, eligibility and legal compliance during your time with MyNaBo and to deactivate your site or account immediately if this is not possible. Authorization. Company pages and accounts are only available for legal business.

Business accounts are different from neighborhood private accounts, but both have the same membership requirements. In addition, the function of the business account is limited to the administration of the associated business page and the associated functionality; Business account holders cannot see neighborhood conversations between members.

MyNaBo reserves the right to suspend or disable business sites or business accounts that we believe do not meet the eligibility criteria or are not beneficial to the neighborhood.

Accurate record

We reserve the right to review or confirm the information that you submit to us when you request a company page or when you create a company account. If we cannot confirm the information or determine that it is incorrect, we can suspend or deactivate the account.

You understand that MyNaBo believes that your actions and those of other members associated with your business are authorized and legitimate. MyNaBo is not responsible for and has no obligation (but reserves the right) to verify the level of authority of you or any other member associated with your company. Your business account is linked to your role with this company.

If your business activity ends (e.g. resignation), you must withdraw the claim from the business side and, if necessary, deactivate or transfer your business account. For example, your employer wants someone else to claim and manage the business side of the company. If you need help with page transfer or account deactivation, please contact us.

Use of your company page

A. Use of your company page

After you claim your company page, you can edit it to correct mistakes or add more content, such as:

A. A logo and a welcome message for neighbors. Public visibility. They are public, both inside and outside of MyNaBo. This means that they are visible to external search engines, including for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Make your company page visible to the outside world (the visibility of your personal profile is not affected, even if you have claimed your company page via your personal account). Paragraph “6. Your Choices” of our privacy policy does not apply to your company profile. Messages you post as your company (if this feature is available) such as:

B. Responses to neighboring members who recommended your company will be linked to your Company Page and will have the same visibility as your Company Page. However, replies to private messages are only visible to you and the member to whom you replied. Interact with others on MyNaBo.

We believe neighborhood behavior is the foundation of healthy communities. You and your company are responsible for how you operate as a company on MyNaBo. Your interactions with MyNaBo members affect reputation. Of your company, so choose your words and actions accordingly. For example, the way your company responds to a negative comment can affect members' perception as much (or more) as the comment itself. Neighboring members have the option to opt out of receiving messages from any member, including business members, and some members communicating or commenting about you or your company may opt out of communication. We are not responsible for your interactions with other MyNaBo members, and you agree that you and your company undertake to indemnify MyNaBo, including its affiliates, officers, agents and employees, from any claim, demand or act that may be arise out of or in connection with your use of MyNaBo or any breach of these Terms, including any liability or costs arising out of claims, losses, damages, legal proceedings, legal proceedings, legal costs and attorney's fees. As a business member, you can ask your customers to rate or recommend your company on MyNaBo.

You can request recommendations in person, by email, through social media, or by sharing a direct link to your company page. responsible for compliance with applicable laws and other requirements, such as anti-spam laws or the terms of use of the social networks you have chosen. Our goal is to use member referrals as a window to a company's position in your company. You agree to be honest, fair, and kind and not to engage in behavior that could artificially inflate or damage a company's reputation, such as: our privacy policy, we value the privacy of our neighbor members.

In order to enable you and your company to use MyNaBo, we ask that you respect the privacy of neighboring members. This means that you cannot use MyNaBo to collect personally identifiable or personal information about other MyNaBo members without their permission. For example, if a neighboring member uses your services and sends you an email commending your services, you will need to get their consent before including the member's rating. on your company page. Our system is designed to prevent business members from viewing, searching, or accessing conversations or direct messages between neighboring members.

Business members will not have access to any neighbors or neighborhood content other than recommendations and comments shared by members, as described above. Use each type of account only for its intended purpose. Content Your business content includes your replies and other communications with neighboring members, any posts you post on MyNaBo and information your company shares on your profile.

You and your company retain all ownership rights to the content (as defined in the membership agreement) that you share through MyNaBo. You and your company allow us to make all content in your company profile available for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes and to use and publish your content as described in the membership agreement. You and the company, and not MyNaBo, are responsible for the content you submit. We reserve the right to suspend or disable business accounts if we believe that business content or other account activity is not beneficial to MyNaBo