How To Be A Better Boyfriend, According To Boyfriends

According to some boyfriends, here are what it takes to be a better boyfriend

It is the dream of every girl  to have a loving, sweet and caring boyfriend. Who can take care of her, love her and make the relationship worth keeping. This is the dream of any lady out there. The question you need to ask yourself as a guy is; "how can i be a better boyfriend?". No relationship is the same. What works for Relationship A might not work for Relationship B. Every relationship is different. But if you really want to be a better boyfriend, there are some things you need to do that will make you stand out as a better parter and boyfriend.


Instead of citing examples of how to be a better boyfriend, I've collected some advice from different guys out there - 5 of them to be precise. These guys shared their opinion on how to be a better boyfriend to their girlfriends. Yes, the five of them are in a committed relationship. So, I think their advice will go a long way in helping most guys out there who are or aren't in a relationship.


From being a good listener to being a support system to genuinely catering for her needs, emotions and so on. So guys, get ready to jot some key points down. After all, you can’t have a successful and healthy relationship unless you are an outstanding boyfriend.

How To Be A Better Boyfriend, According To Boyfriends

"You can't have a successful relationship unless you are an outstanding boyfriend". What does it mean? You can't expect your girlfriend to be loyal and committed to you if you aren’t. Relationships are a two-way street. What you give is what you will get. You can't get something out if you don't put something in. So, if you wish to have a better relationship, you also need to be a better boyfriend. When you are a better boyfriend, your relationship will run smooth without bumping into speed bumps on its way.


According to some boyfriends, here are what it takes to be a better boyfriend;


1. Learn How To Be Patient.

"Learning how to ba patient is one of the ways to be a better boyfriend. That's one of the things most guys out there fail to have - patience. Patience to learn new things about your partner, patience for them to earn your trust. Patience is actually one of the ways to be a better boyfriend. Patience is what made my relationship what it is today. Without it, I won't be with my current girlfriend".


He is right, patience is key in a relationship. For a relationship to be successful, it takes patience. Don't rush it. Trust isn't earned in a day - it takes time. It's a gradual process. You can't earn the trust of your partner in one night, you need to be patient with her. Being patient is one of the best way to be a better boyfriend. Take a step back, breathe and let things unwind.


2. Learn To Read Her Moods.

"Learning how to read a girl's mood is one of the ways to be a better boyfriend. That way you understand when she is happy, say or having mixed feelings. Since I learned how to read my girlfriend's mood, things have been a bit easy. I know when to leave her alone (if she wants to be left alone) and check up on her. It makes things easy".


It's hard to read when your girlfriend is happy, sad or having mixed feelings. The ability for you to spot when she is having these mixed feelings will make things easier, not only for you but the relationship as well.


3. Learning Her Love Language.

"Understanding a lady's love language can be beneficial to the relationship. As a boyfriend, the only way to be better is by Learning your girlfriend's love language. Learning what usually makes my girlfriend feel loved made me a better boyfriend in her eyes. She likes little gifts and all. So I make sure that I always get her something, no matter how little it might look. Because in her eyes, that means alot to her".


Finding out what makes your girlfriend happy, loved or motivated is what makes you a better boyfriend. While figuring out her Love Language, don't ignore yours. Try to figure out what makes you feel happy and loved.


4. Being Romantic In All Aspects.

"Being romantic in all aspects matters. Most guys think it's only in the bedroom they can show off their romantic skills and techniques. That is wrong! Cooking for her is a sign of being romantic, helping her run little errands is also a sign of being romantic, helping her while cooking is one of the signs of being romantic, assisting her while cooking is also a sign of being romantic and many more. It shouldn't be only in the bedroom you show how romantic you are, you should be romantic in all aspect. It saves a relationship, just like it saved mine".


He is right, because this is the dream of most girls. To be a better boyfriend, you must be romantic to your girlfriend in all aspect. Help her do the dishes, run errands, help her with little chores in the house. These things will go a long way and it will help keep your relationship healthy.


5. Be Loyal To Her.

"Loyalty is actually one of the ways to be a better boyfriend. You can't be a better boyfriend if you are still seeing other girls and flirting with them. Girls get jealous easily, especially when their boyfriends aren't loyal to them and in the relationship. It's better to focus on one girl, Love her, treat her right, respect her, care for her, provide emotional security, provide for her needs, please her, make her feel like family, treat her like a queen and just be loyal to her. Nothing beats being loyal to your girlfriend. When you are loyal to your girlfriend, you will enjoy all the benefits that are packed for you".


When we talk about loyalty, it doesn't necessarily mean not to cheat on your girlfriend. It also means to keeping your girlfriend's secret and not prioritizing anyone before your relationship.


There are many ways to become a better boyfriend. If you want to have a great relationship, you need to be a better boyfriend. The advice given up isn't tasking. If you put your mind, then nothing is impossible to achieve.

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