Antonella Nester Weight Loss

Antonella Nester is a well popular tv host she works with the QVC Tv show. <br>People are so curious about Antonella Nester weight loss and how she was able lose weight effortlessly.


A lot of people are so curious about Antonella's weight loss and they just want to know how she was about to lose such weight. Antonella is the QVC host and she loves her job so much, funny enough Antonella was known to be an intellectual lady and she was able to burn many calories just by laughing humorously for a long period of time, but is there any secret to Antonella's weight loss? Who is Antonella's husband? Does Antonella have children ? Well these are all the questions and queries a lot of people want to get answered to. And that is what I will be answering in today's article. So kindly read to the end to find the answer about all you need to know about Antonella.

Who Is Antonella Nester? 

Who is Antonella Nester ? - Antonella Nester weight loss

Antonella is an entertainer and she was the host of the QVC. She loves her job so much and she is loved by a lot of fans. Each time she was on the show she loves to smile and that is one of the things that caught her fans attention. Antonella is married to a man called Chris Nester and there were a lot of rumors that Chris Nester and Antonella Chris got divorced but research shows that this was not true.. Antonella loves her job so much and the happiness she shows and also spread in job or profession has made her a witty lady by nature. 


Antonella Nester Career 

Antonella got married to Chris Nester and they both loved themselves, there were rumors that spread everywhere about these couples that they divorced. Chris Nester was being  invited and he said that he loves and adores his wife so much.. Chris Nester came from a very poor family and when this couple started their relationship they were both economically poor but they never let that has any effect In their relationship. They both save money from the daily income they earned their uses this money sometimes to buy gift for themselves.


This couples cooperate and they made sure they build a great Future for themselves. Chris Nester also said in an interview that most times their most special day is always the Valentines day and each year that the Valentine comes in they always buy different gifts and they were both happy. Chris Nester also explained the experiences they have had in the past. They both faced different and several hardships and they both did a lot of hard work. But he also said even though they never had money and they were not rich enough to buy expensive things for themselves that never had any bad effect on their marriage and they always live a convenient and a peaceful life together..

In their private life they would always save money from their daily income and both plan on different strategies.

Antonella Nester's Divorce Rumors

Antonella Nester divorce rumors - Antonella Nester weight loss

There was a time that a lot of people said and also believed that Antonella and Chris Nester divorced, and the truth is it went viral and a lot of people spread these rumors all around everywhere. But these couples made sure they both cleared all the doubts and all the rumors by letting everyone know that they were not divorced and they love each other so much. 

Antonella Nester And Her Family

Antonella Nester and Chris Nester were blessed with three kids. The names of their kids are Micheal, Hope and Phillip. Micheal is 17 years old, Hope is 15 years old while Phillip is 13. There was a time when one of Antonella's daughters died of cancer and she always hoped that her kids would live their dream. Antonella has 3 loving kids and Chris Nester and Antonella Chris Nester never got divorced and they both happily married.

Antonella Nester Weight Loss : How Was She Able To Lose weight? 

Antonella Nester weight loss - how did Antonella Nester lose weight?

There were sometimes Antonella Nester always talking about dieting and also different weight loss tips on the shows and magazines and also television shows. Antonella is so conscious about her fitness and she does not want to have that extra weight.. Antonella shared different steps that have made her lose a lot of weight. And a lot of people really wanna know how she was able to lose weight..  Antonella shared different tips that have helped her lose a lot of weight.


She talked about exercise and she made it clear that this exercise that she has been into is not hard exercise and you don't need to go to the gym for all those exercises. She said that she has been into early morning walks and she does that for over 25 minutes everyday and she is able to follow the right diet.  Rather than eating junk foods she takes healthy foods and fruits most especially vegetables and this has really helped Antonella's weight loss journey. On the QVC show, Antonella has talked about natural supplements that have helped her in her weight loss journey. This weight loss supplement has been so effective and this has really helped her to burn lots of calories.


On the QVS she also listed lots of balanced diet recipe that has helped her lose certain amount of weight gain.. She begins with the black and green coffee that she takes every morning. She also talked about the Italian cuisine that she takes too. She also said in the QVC that the best way to live a healthy life and also lose weight is by following and eating healthy diets. She also talked about how she has being able to lose weight by not skipping her breakfast. She said that a lot of people who are struggling to lose weight always skip breakfast because they believe that they can lose weight by skipping breakfast. 


She made it clear that skipping breakfast won't help to lose weight but it will make someone starve and such person might over eat. Antonella has being able to lose weight without going to the gym and she has being able to succeed in her weight loss journey... She stopped taking junks and she eats healthy foods.


Antonella's Career And Progressions 

Antonella's background was really so poor she never had anything much in the past. But she is a very strong woman and she dreamt big although she said that it was quite late before she was able to achieve her goals.. 

Antonella said when she was studying out she started her career by selling only pencils, she has no job at all but she said that no Job is really low or high but she kept on believing and working so hard.. Life was so terrible for her and she tried to work in two different companies but unfortunately for her she got rejected in those two places.. 

At some point she was about to give up and she believed that there isn't hope anymore and she had no courage to wake up again. She has always had the dream and goals to work in a tv program or show.


Antonella kept on trying her best to achieve her dreams and it seems things were not really working and she was about to quit everything but her dad supported her and her dad was like her backbone and he supported and motivated her in every aspect of her life.. But after some time in the year 2004 Antonella was so fortunate enough to get her dream job at QVC headquarters and she was admitted..  As soon as Antonella was admitted she was so hardworking and she was super friendly and she was also loved by everyone. She made sure that she gives everyone her best in the TV show. 


Frequently Asked you About Antonella Nester 

There are different question a lot of people have been asking about Antonella Nester and we've listed them below...

Antonella Bio - Age, Ethnicity

Antonella Nester bio , age - Antonella Nester weight loss

Antonella Nester was born in 1st January 1964 and she is 54 years old her husband's name is Chris Nester and she has 3 lovely kids Antonella's career began in the year 2004 , QVC headquarters she is a Christian by religion and she is from Caucasian Ethnicity. 

Antonella Nester 

Antonella Nester - Antonella Nester weight loss

Antonella was able to gather all her wealth from the tv show she got admitted to in the year 2004. She was a host on the TV called QVS. She always has the dream and goal to work in a Tv show. Even though she got rejected in some other company before she was admitted to QVC, she kept on believing and never lost hope... .

According to recent research Antonella Nester's net worth is $21.5k to $32k per year.


What is Antonella Nester Doing Now?

In the year 2020 the QVC TV made an announcement that they were going to let go of some of their hosts and Antonella was among them..  After some weeks Antonella announced some of the plans she has and she said she wants to live on a boat alongside her husband. In the year 2020 Antonella made a video on YouTube while she was saying that she wants to sell their home and buy a boat.

When Antonella uploaded the video her followers were so concerned about the decision she wanted to take.. she explained she wanted to do that because of her husband's unemployment and they could not pay for their house bills and mortgage. 


She also said that they would want to live on a boat because they already planned it ahead that as soon as they got retired they would both live on a boat and she said that even though they were not yet retired yet for the fact that they were both unemployed they would just prefer living in the both.. 


Antonella Nester Cancer 

At first, she had a nerve sheath cancer in her arm. After the experts analyzed the cancer as a dead pimple, Nester went through a medical procedure during December 2020, however the growth's biopsy concluded it to be harmful lymphoma. To ensure her finding, she then, at that point, went to the Jefferson Cancer Institute. After a P.E.T. filter, she was determined to have Non-Hodgkin's' lymphoma, a serious but sensible kind of blood malignant growth. In light of the sickness, Antonella shed 40 pounds and felt steady laziness even after a legitimate eating regimen and rest.


Her full-body filter additionally uncovered two irregularities under the bosom, which was closed as bosom disease after the biopsy. On February 4, 2021, Nester imparted her disclosure and experience to malignant growth in her Youtube video.

Antonella continually refreshes about her disease venture on her YouTube channel with around 9.76K adherents


Story Of Antonella has And Chris Nester 

Antonella is hitched to Chris and is honored with three lovable kids. She and Chris met in school and were closest companions for a very long time. The insane in affection closest companions transformed into an eternity couple.

In Summary About Antonella Nester

Antonella is a very popular star on a TV show called QVC. She is very loving and friendly each time she appears on the show, she always smiles and with her friendly personality she has been able to be loved by everyone watching her show. She appeared to have lose weight and a lot of people were so curious about it and they were all wondering how Antonella was able to lose weight.. on the show she revealed her secret that has helped her to lose lot of weight.. she explained how she has been able to lose weight without even going to the gym..


She talked about how she will always go on a morning walk everyday for about 25 minutes she said this strategy has really helped her so much.. She always talked about different weight loss supplements which are natural that she has been using and this has also helped her lose excess weight and burn calories.

Antonella also explained how life has being so tough and hard in the past she said when she was starting out she was only selling pencils and she was happy with it.. she had bigger dreams and her goal was to work in a TV station there was some time she was about to give up on her dream but her dad supported her and gave her courage some years after she was being admitted in the QVC tv program in the year 2004.  She was finally happy with her job and she was so hardworking.. Antonella had 3 kids and her husband's name is Chris Nester..  

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