Cyrus Baxter car accident

Let us look at the report about the death of Cyrus Baxter.


Many people can tell you that Cyrus Baxter is dead, but how, when, and where he died can only be told by a few. This article has been written for the examination of the death of Cyrus Baxter. 


Who is Cyrus Baxter? 


Late Cyrus Baxter is an American actor who alongside other members of his family manages the “Baxter Boys” YouTube channel. He is said to be the oldest kid in the Baxters family. And as such he appears to many to be the backbone of his family as many of their videos revolve around the being of the Baxters. 


When was Cyrus Baxter born? 


StarXray alleged that considering the report that the actor died at the age of 24, he probably had been given birth in 1997 or 1998. No source has though established the fact about his exact date of birth. Many thus believe that Cyrus Baxter who died in 2021 was a young man. 


When did Cyrus Baxter die? 

Cyrus Baxter of Georgia died on the 9th of September, 2021. Investigations also show that he died within the country. 


How did Cyrus Baxter die? 


The actor and social media influencer has been said to have intentionally killed himself. A few days before his death, it seems his mother had noticed that was going to happen. At least she revealed a confabulation between the both of them shortly before the incident. 


According to his mother, Baxter Marie, her late son killed himself. Suicide was what he concluded to do as a way of saving himself from depression. 

His mother had told him that he should hope on God and that Jesus was not going to him go to hell, but Cyrus had made up his mind at the time, telling his mother that he was already going through hell. 


Cyrus told Marie he was tired of life and was going to kill himself. His mother tried making him see reasons why not to do such, but he left the house after he told her, “I accept Jesus as my Lord and savior, okay mum?!” His mother said that was the last thing her son told her. 


She texted him that night around 11 pm, but he didn't utter a word in response. 


When the report of his death later reached her they (the family) discovered he had taken his life by driving recklessly on purpose. 


Sources also claimed that the deceased had suffered from mental illness in his days on earth. This means he might be out of his right senses when he drove recklessly in the bush. 

The car he had accident with

His mother described how the parts of her son's body had parted from him when she saw him - pictures of him were not taken in this sense or at the least the internet has not been able to access those pictures. We nevertheless saw blood around the seat of the car he had an accident with, and the car was already nothing to write about. 


Marie Baxter said Cyrus' jaw was no longer visible after the accident. His eyes were also nowhere to be found. 

Anyone who listened to the mother speaking about this a day after the incident on their YouTube channel will immediately feel emotional. 


The Cause of Cyrus Baxter's Death

A fatal car accident was the cause of Cyrus' death, and it was deliberate by the deceased. He was not murdered, Cyrus committed suicide. Depression has been tagged to be the reason for his action. 


This is getting to be a postmortem already and how family seems to have conducted it on their own - as seen in a viral video where his father was lamenting that he has been able to save other people's lives but why not his son's?! 


The cause of his death alongside his status was so impelling that other celebrities across the globe like Cardi B couldn't help but talk about it. At the time of his death, his family has gathered about 122k subscribers on their channel, but at the time of this report, the number of subscribers has become 190k - his parents didn't give up on their passion for the internet. 


Disclaimer: We understand that the death of Cyrus Baxter happened long before the composition of this article. The purpose of this article is to be a throwback; also to analyze what the said cause of his death is. 


In Conclusion


Thank goodness the entire family was not taking a ride together when Cyrus decided to quit the race of the world. He believed he was going to make heaven and drop the burdens of the world, doing that. 

Subscribers on their channel and random viewers of the video where his mother was talking about her son's death paid tributes. The beautiful family is worth everyone's condolence. 

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