Mineral Area College- Complete Guide

Mineral Area College (MAC) is a public institution established by the Flat River Board of Education in 1922 with the vision to provide quality and affordable education in a safe and professional environment

Mineral Area College (MAC), formerly known as Flat River Junior College, is a public institution established by the Flat River Board of Education in 1922 with the vision to provide quality and affordable education in a safe and professional environment. The school is located in Park Hills, Missouri, United States.

It was established as Mineral Area College in 1957. As of 2020, Mineral Area College had a total enrollment of 5,287 students, 3436 of these students were found to be full-time students while 1850 were Part-time students.

Mineral Area College offers a wide variety of certificates and 2-year degree programs in different fields such as Liberal arts and sciences/liberal studies, Registered nursing/registered nurse, Criminal justice/police science, General studies. Popular Certificates offered by MAC include EMT paramedic, Criminal justice/police science, Licensed practical/vocational nurse training, etc

Online Degrees

If you are working full-time or part-time, an online degree should be able to provide the flexibility you need to complete your program of study. Over-occupied students may also prefer to take one or two online classes as part of their degree program. In Mineral Area College, online classes are available to students who have a busy schedule or for those who just want to study on their own time.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, 26% of students at Mineral Area College took at least one online class. of these students, 8% took all classes online.

Financial Aid 


Mineral Area College offers a vast array of financial aids and scholarship programs to students in need,  96% of currents students are been assisted by Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who are willing to apply for this financial should make ends to filling out the FAFSA form.

Extra-Curricular Activities.

In Mineral Area College, there is a broad array of clubs and organizations to engage in. Such organizations include: Chi Alpha, The Archery Club, SkillsUSA, Art Club, Veterans Organization, Student Radiology Club, National Association For Music Education, Cultural Awareness Clubs

1. Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha is an international and interdenominational Christian student organization associated with college campuses. It is nationally governed by Assemblies of God USA. Memberships are available and open to all students and academics of all religious backgrounds and nationalities.

2. The Archery Club

Archery Club is an organization of a group of students willing to teach or learn new skills on archery in a safe and friendly environment.

3. SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA is a non-profit organization found In most well-known colleges, created to help empower students in the US with the right skills and to make sure America has a skilled workforce.

4. Art Club

This is a student organization dedicated to students who are interested in creating art projects and other art-related activities.

5. Cultural Awareness Clubs

Cultural Awareness Clubs is a student association that stimulates and improves interactions between people of different nationalities, religions, cultures, etc to broaden their perspective by appreciating every other culture and language.

6. National Association For Music Education

NAFME is a students organization dedicated to providing students opportunities for professional orientation including the basic truths, principles, and advancement of the music education profession. Members of the societies and council have provided these resources from their knowledge, experience, universities, music educators aimed at educating music to the masses.

7. Student Radiology Club

The Student Radiology Club is an association of students of Radiography working together to help students become more proficient at reading radiographic images and improve professionalism in the program 

8. Veterans Organization

Veterans Organization is an organization aimed at meeting the needs of veterans by providing support, guidance, and a resource for those who have served in a country armed force.


Mineral area college offers a wide array of sports activities ranging from basketball to baseball to cross country and the list goes on and we've not mentioned soccer yet.

Mineral Area College is partnered with several athletic association such as the National Junior College Athletic Association Division I,Missouri Community College Athletic Conference and the NJCAA Region XVI etc.

Popular Athletic teams in Morgan Community College include Men and Women's Soccer, basketball, Esports, Baseball, Golf and Volleyball etc

Admission Rate

Mineral area college has an acceptance rate of 100%. By providing the basic requirements requested by the school, you should be rest assured that you'll be admitted.

Application Fee

Mineral area college charges a none refundable application fee of $15.

Application Process

Students are required to submit an application for admission online via this link

  • Applicants are required to provide a GED/HiSET Transcript from an accredited Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • The transcripts requested should be sent directly to the mineral area college. Applicants should not open the seal of the transcript or else it won't be accepted.
  • The transcripts should contain ACT or Accuplacer test scores placed on them.
  • Applicants willing to file for financial aid should make ends to do that at this stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mineral Area College Accredited?


Yes, it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

Where is Mineral Area College located?


The school is located in Park Hills, Missouri, United States.

When Was Mineral Area College Established?


Mineral Area College was Established in 1957

Does Mineral Area College support Online Classes?


Yes, 26% of all students in Mineral Area College takes at least one online class.

What Is The Admission Rate Of Mineral Area College?


The admission rate of Mineral Area College is 100%

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