College of William and Mary - Net Price, Tuition, Cost to Attend

The William and Mary institution has been called the "most important college in America." This prestigious school was founded back in 1693 by a group of British Anglican Bishops to educate young men for lives as clergymen.

The William and Mary institution has been called the "most important college in America." This prestigious school was founded back in 1693 by a group of British Anglican Bishops to educate young men for lives as clergymen.

William and Mary is a name that has been associated with the historical association of colonial America.

This institution was founded by William Blow in 1693 to provide education on plantations for young white men who wanted more than life as field slaves or common apprentices, which were often unsatisfactory options available at time.

It is a top-ranked institution that has produced many famous alumni. It is the first Anglican college for example higher learning institution west of Virginia.

WM is the only university with an independent dean, and it's no surprise that they have one of the top business schools in America.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost to attend College of William and Mary on a full time basis is $39,595. This fee includes all tuition fees ($17k), room/board ($12K) books supplies along with other miscellaneous charges which add up together total 6194$.

It's important for prospective students looking into colleges or universities not to only consider financial aspects but also personal ideals as well when making this big life decision.

Because there will always come times where money isn't so easy earned no matter what kind you're aspiring towards.

However nowadays most people are fortunate enough if they can find work after graduation day has arrived.

The cost of tuition and room/board is $40,089 for out-of state students while the total comes to an amount equal to 57.2%.

More than what Virginia residents have payed so far this year - which amounts up to about a hefty sum on top at first glance due mainly from added fees like books supplies ($1k) as well as other miscellaneous expenses.

Net Price

The College of William and Mary's net price is one thing that sets it apart from other colleges. It can be misleading, though; the reality depends on how much money your family makes and whether or not you're applying for scholarships as well.

The College of William and Mary has an average reported annual net price for students receiving grants or scholarship aid that is $18,551 in 2018/2019.

Tuition, required fees, books and supplies, as well as the average cost for room-and board are all included in the net price.

Other expenses may vary by individual student but this will help you plan ahead.

Financial Aid

At the College of William and Mary, 43% percent received financial aid in form of grants or scholarships from Federal, State or local government agencies.

The average amount of money a student received is $20,591. This means they won't have to pay it back and can use all the resources at their disposal for things such as housing or food.

The average Federal Student Loan is $5,039 but it can be as high at 20 thousand dollars. 4% of undergrads took out private loans averaging about $20K each to pay for their education in college which isn't bad.

Student Loans

To see just how much a college education will really cost you out of pocket, we've modeled the ten year student loan with an original principal value of $50,640.

The loan of $50,640 is a four year multiple of the average net price. This can be used as an estimate for what you could owe upon graduation if you were to qualify on financial aid and get all your expenses covered by it.

Or even more than that since some schools offer their own scholarships.

If you're not eligible for financial aid, it could be a huge expense when it's time to leave school. You may owe much more than the amount you paid in interest and fees each year.

If your student loans don't qualify as "need-based" then repayment will be based on how quickly they are repaid.

Which means lots of extra costs over what was originally owed because there is no limit placed on total debt collectors can collect from any debtor who owes money.

Students often need to take out loans in order for them to afford the cost of tuition. Loans are not guaranteed, but they do have low interest rates that won't make it hard on your pockets! The current Stafford Loan rate is 2%.

Projected 4 Year Degree Price

The cost of a 4 year bachelor's degree and living expenses at The College Of William Mary is estimated to be $158,380 - assuming graduation in normal time.

The recent trend for this school is an 8.1% annual increase over the next 4 year and we expect it to continue in that direction as well.

Credit Hour Cost and Price per Class

Based on published credit hour prices at the College of William and Mary, an estimated cost for a class is $50.

However not all schools allow single course registration so it’s important to check with your institution before deciding which program best suits you needs.

The price of tuition at the College of William and Mary can be quite expensive for some students, so it is important to know how much other colleges may cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About William And Mary Tuition

Does William Mary offer a monthly payment plan?

Yes, This option is available for those who need more time to pay off a balance or have an unusual financial situation that makes it difficult otherwise.

I was billed as an out-of-state student but live in Virginia, what do I do?

Did you know that if a student is living in Virginia, but has their legal residence outside the state and they are paying out of state tuition fees then this will be collected by American Express?

They may also have other costs associated with them such as health insurance. The Registrar's Office handles these determinations so please contact them for more information on your residency status.

Why does William Mary wait so long to bill my employer/third party scholarship?

William and Mary work to make sure that the hours you log are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

This is why they verify wait times at end of drop/add period so your fees won't be affected by any mischievousness on their part.

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