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Inside Carolina is not a dependent web site that covers all things North Carolinian. The page deals with UNC football, men's basketball and recruiting update as well.

Inside Carolina is not a dependent web site that covers all things North Carolinian. The page deals with UNC football, men's basketball and recruiting update as well.

North Carolina is a beautiful state in the Southeastern region. It has warm weather and lots of tourism.

But it's also home to many great historical sites like Fort Raleigh which was made during the colonial era as well as NASCAR races at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

North Carolinians are proud to call themselves Tarheels, which originates from an Algonquian word meaning "from friends.

The name was given by English settlers after UNC (The University Of North Caroina). A land with scenic beauty and rich history - it has been home for many generations since its founding over 500 years ago.

This place holds plenty more secrets still waiting patiently beneath old stones or hidden among newgrowth forest trees.

Inside Carolina is a great source for all your sports needs, whether it be game report or recruiting info.

They have features that will keep you up-to date on everything happening in the world of basketball and football

The staff at Inside Carolina strives each day to provide readers with quality news coverage from UNC's programs as well athlete interviews.

Carolina Magazine is a monthly magazine that was founded in early 1994. The print edition has been around longer.

But it wasn't until David Eckoff created an online version for those who couldn’t subscribe or were unable to pick up their copy at one of the few local newsstands left open late enough on Fridays after work.

This way everyone could read about what's going down here.

Some notable writers include Darcy Miller (writer/producer), Bob Heymann(football blogger and author) Darrell Lucus.


The website is a leading source for college basketball information and news coverage, with an emphasis on in-depth game recaps as well as interviews with players from all over the country.

In late 2000 Eckoff sold his publication to TarPit owner Buck Sanders who then merged it with ESPN Magazine's top site of 2001 - named at #1 by November 27th edition date.

UNC All-Boys Basketball Poll Committee Report card ballots were sent out via e mail this year instead of traditional printed sheets due primarily because they offered more flexibility while tracking poll updates among other things.

The Inside Carolina message boards have a large following among sports fans and journalists. On these online forums, Carolina followers discuss various topics such as politics or campus life in addition to discussing their favorite teams.

The high school recruiting board has been a popular spot for athletes and their parents, coaches to post.

Each branch of the website has its own unique version, with Premium versions available for paid subscribers.

These message boards include UNC Basketball and other sports-related topics as well as a Ticket Exchange where you can buy or sell tickets to any game that is currently being played at your favorite venue.

The Tar Pit is a designated discussion board for all things related to UNCC sports. ZiggaZoomba Lounge, on the other hand, provides an off-topic place where users can go when they want something different than what's being discussed in The Tar Pit or elsewhere on campus forums like it.

These message boards are moderated by staff and volunteers.


Tommy Ashley: Tommy has been coordinating the podcast network for years, while also hosting multiple shows each week and co-hosting Inside Carolina Live every Saturday morning. He started off in 1998 at his own show Inside Carolina.

Greg Barnes: Greg has been breaking local sports news in Chapel Hill since 2007, and is one of the best sources for Tar Heel hoops coverage out there.

With his deep knowledge on all things Carolina-related he covers both games (including practices) as well press conferences with expert analysis at every opportunity that arises.

Don Callahan: Don, the full-time football recruiting analyst for the web site has been recognized as one of a kind Tar Heel fan. His deep knowledge on all things North Carolina high school sports started off in 2001 and now he is an icon among us.

Gregory Hall: Gregory found his niche in 2021, when he was brought on full time to work as a beat reporter and producer. He's since covered everything from recruiting coverage to social media content for Inside Carolina's podcasts.

Jim Hawkins: Jim has been a photographer for all games, events and photo shoots since 1977. He's captured the moments that make history at Carolina.

He was key contributor on the official National Championship books as well as media guides with his photography skills capturing every detail of UNC athletics over these many years just like he does now.

Michelle Hillison: Michelle has been involved with sports web development since 1997. She's the technical producer, covering a wide range of technical and behind-the scenes responsibilities at UNC basketball website.

As well as other projects like YouTube channel production for MVP sponsorships videos or live streaming productions for traditional TV networks such as ABC News 24/7 (ABC).

Ross Martin: Although he works for Inside Carolina, Ross Martin is the 247Sports content editor and assists with team beat coverage. He has also produced social media posts as well as created daily newsletters to share updates on UNC sports teams.

Sherrell McMillan: Sherrell has been the leading expert on UNC Basketball recruiting for years and his knowledge is unparalleled. He's helped countless high school players get recruited, but all this time he wanted to be a player himself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inside Carolina

Where did the "Tar Heels" nickname come from?

Tar heels are a type of shoe that date back to North Carolina’s early history as the leading producer of supplies for the naval industry.

Some turpentine workers went barefoot during summer months to keep cool and protect their feet from the hot sand.

They must have been delighted when they found out that tar would turn into pitch, which is useful for waterproofing boats or floors.

What is the correct spelling of Tar Heel?

UNC spelled Tar Heel as two words. There's no such thing as "Tarheel", though, it is incorrect and shouldn't be used on official documents or in publications.

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