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Looking for the right community (Subreddit) to get informations, opinion on mba program? Get list of top 5 subreddits for mba

In our society today there are lots of career fields to go for, and lots of highly educated people in such fields bringing rise to very competitive job vacancies and opportunities. Acquiring an undergraduate degree in your field of choice is good but acquiring a postgraduate degree such as MA, MSc, MBA MEng is a great step to being distinct from the crowd. If you're in the business category (business administration, investor management, and business-related) and you're preparing to enter the competitive world of business today then MBA is just ideal for you. From being just an undergraduate degree holder to being a master of business administration, Mba places you at the top of opportunities, giving you a wealth of advantages in the competitive job market.

Acquiring an MBA might not be so difficult but getting the right MBA program is a terrible dilemma. Right information, companionship are things that should  be needed when selecting a suitable and perfect MBA program. Joining the right MBA community is ideal for getting the best of knowledge of MBA programs that will suit you perfecyly. I will be introducing you to one of the foremost social media that is best for online community, Reddit.

 Reddit is a social media, news aggregation, and discussion website. Unlike other social media websites, Reddit has its main focus on its subreddit( a native name given to online communities in Reddit). Reddit Host thousands of active subreddits, researchers have it that, there are over 2.8 million subreddits worldwide and 130. Regardless of your interest or passion, you'll always find a community(subreddits) of other enthusiasts just like you on Reddit.

Reddit has tons of vibrant and active MBA subreddits dedicated to MBA discussions. In this blog post I have compiled a modest list of  best subreddits for MBA. 

1. News For MBA Community (/r/MBA)

/r/MBA is an extremely active group with about 117K members and an average of  372 members always online. It is dedicated to providing information on MBA programs, application requirements, application deadlines, and even the life experiences of people in such programs. Questions, Information, and ideas and are being shared by fellow members of this Reddit.

2. Entrepreneur (/r/Entrepreneur)

/r/sntrepreneur is one of the biggest business-related subreddits with about 1million members with an average of 827 members online at any given time.

Entrepreneur unlike other /r/MBA encompasses a wider niche including small businesses, side hustles, venture-backed startups, lemonade stands, revenue generation, and most importantly MBA. The community comprises individuals who are problems solvers, professional networkers, aspiring managers. etc. and make the world a better place

3. Business School (/r/businessschool)

/r/businessschool is a subreddits of 28k members dedicated to providing information related to business studies such as procedures in attaining a master's degree in business, academic requirements to study business admin, essay writing, application dates, the deadline for any degree program for business, etc. Questions, Information, and ideas and are being shared by fellow members of this Reddit.

4. GradSchool (/r/GradSchool/)

/r/GradSchool Is a subreddits for high school students, college students, degree holders, and even academics committed to providing information to current, past, and future students of any discipline finalizing post-graduate studies. Information is being shared by everyone. With over 229k members in this group, you should rest assured that it is very active.

/r/GradSchool is one of the well-known subreddits to discuss issues concerning school admission, Ph.D., associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and most importantly MBA.

5. r/gradadmissions

r/gradadmissions is a student discussion forum mainly based on providing information to anyone who is going through the process of getting into graduate school, and for those who've been there and have the advice to provide. Post such as Ph.D. admission requirements, MBA admission requirements, best MBA programs, etc, are being discussed here. r/gradadmissions is made up of 133k members. This community has strict rules and regulations imposed, which users have to obey such rules include no advertising, no survey unless approved by admin, no throwaways.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media, news aggregation, and discussion website.

What Is A Subreddit?

A subreddit is a discussion forum, community, or group dedicated to a specific topic on Reddit.

What is the best Mba Subreddit?

In my opinion, the best Mba Subreddit so far is the /r/mba, because it is focused mainly on MBA.

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