Deep Spring College : Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to school in a college as exclusive as Harvard and as remote as the North Pole and as elite as Bowdoin College?. If yes, then Deep Spring College Is for you.

Have you ever wanted to school in a college as exclusive as Harvard and as remote as the North Pole, as elite as Bowdoin College with a deep focus on students as William college? Here comes the Deep Spring College, a private institution with a rigorous curriculum where there are only 26 students in a given time located in Deep Springs California,  United States.

Deep Spring is an elite university founded in 1917 in the remote high desert of California, settled on an alfalfa farm and cattle ranch just northwest of Death Valley, 45 miles away from Bishop, California. All students admitted to Deep Spring are given a scholarship that covers tuition, room, and board fees valued at over $50,000. In exchange, students are expected to do manual labor for the school for at least twenty hours each week.  This labor includes working on the Farm, ranch, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining facilities and vehicles. Although this labor might seem difficult, it creates an environment of intense growth and responsibility to undergraduates 

Students learning at deep spring college

In Deep Spring, the number of students per class is relatively small with an average of 8 students per class. With this in place, students have a highly focused learning experience with no left-out students. Academics in Deep spring are well organized to lecture students, not as a consumer but rather as stewards for intellectual growth and success.

Students in deep spring run a system known as self-governance, where students are tasked with governing themselves and working with other staff and faculty in the day-to-day system of the college. This system is being operated in a group format known as the "student body". The student body is allowed to lay complaints, give opinions, and take actions concerning labor, academic disciplinary matters, etc. This freedom given to the student body is limited to once a week. 

Students engagement to class activities are highly required to improve the structure of studies, lecture, and classes, this is often seen as the responsibility of students. Students are also placed with the responsibility of doing critical thinking and giving suggestions on how to improve the learning experience. This in turn means that the success of Deep Springs as an institution relies upon the rate at which students are engaging with its project.

There are some vigorous policies imposed by the student body that must be obeyed in the school territory. This vigorous policy includes abstaining from hard drinks and drugs (such as alcohol and hard), Partying, etc. Also, students are not allowed to leave the valley during academic terms except for emergencies, labor, and religious services. Any other reason apart from these must be verified by the school authorities.

Concise History Of Deep Spring College 

Deep Spring College: Complete Guide

 Deep Spring college was established in 1917 by Lucien Lucius Nunn.

 L.L Nunn found interest in education and established Deep Springs College when he was deeply in search of a well-trained engineer who can oversee his hydroelectric plant and are also capable of living under rough conditions. When he wasn't able to find suitable men from eastern schools willing to travel to the West, He began educating and equipping local men at no expense to them and gradually he found a passion for education. L.L Nunn initially founded an educational trust association in Cornell University called "Telluride Association". On realizing the limits to his vision and inflexibility this association has for him, he founded Deep Spring college 6 years later.

Before L.L Nunn's death in 1925, Nunn employed a board of trustees to ensure the college's long-term viability and preserve the traditions that make it educationally effective. One of the early traditions of this college was that it only admits male students, fortunately, in 1998, this admission policy was later abandoned.

Mission and Goal of Deep Spring College

The Mission and Goal of deep Spring College being made by L.L Nunn is to prepare young people for a life of service to humanity. The college exposes students to difficult responsibilities thus making them fully know what life has to offer and giving them opportunities for very real success and failure.

Deep Spring College Alumni

Deep spring has birthed numerous prominent men and women in our society. Below is a list of some notable alumni from deep spring college

Robert B. Aird, a neurologist, epidemiologist also the founder of  Provo General Hospital in Provo, Utah,

Nathaniel S. Borenstein, an American computer scientist, who played a crucial role in the designing of the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)  protocol

Baird Bryant, a filmmaker known for his hand-held ability to instantaneously capture live action at a moment.

Charles Collingwood, an American journalist known for his courage to cover first-hand stories in war zones.

Philip C. Hanawalt, an American biologist who uncovered a method of repair replication of damaged DNS.

Other alumni include Barney Childs, Edwin Cronk, Norton Dodge, Sean Eldridge, Thomas E. Fairchild, Glen Fukushima, Park Honan etc

Deep Spring College Courses

  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • Biology
  • Political Science
  • Literature
  • Social Science
  • American Studies
  • Photography
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Political Philosophy, l
  • English Composition
  • Urban Planning
  • Environmental Law
  • History
  • Linguistics

Deep Spring College Applications And Deadline 

Applications are usually open from the 1st of September.  The Deadline for applications is November 7, 2021.


  • Deep Spring College does not accept individuals who already have a bachelor's degree
  • Deep Spring College does not accept students who are 23+ as of the period of application.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are welcome to apply but they must have not completed a four-year degree program. There are not many requirements to transfer students other than submitting a transcript from your college-level careers and secondary school. But you must also bear in mind that, regardless of your college-level or experience everyone in deep Spring College starts as a first-year student. 

International Students

The application process of an international student is more likely the same but with an exception. International Student Must provide evidence for English proficiency which can be gotten by participating In a TOEFL or IELT exam

 Deep Spring College Acceptance Rate

Deep Spring College Admissions is very competitive with an acceptance rate of only 8%.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is Deep Spring College Located?

It is located at California , United States, settled on an alfafa farm and cattle ranch northwest of dead valley

What is the admmision rate if Deep Spring College?

The acceptance rate of deep spring college is 8%

Do Deep Spring Accept International Students?

Yes it does 

Who is the founder of deep spring college?

Lucien Lucios Nunn is the founder of deep Spring College

What is the deadline for application in deep Spring College?

The deadline to apply to deep spring college is usually 7th of November of any year.

Can I Apply To deep Spring As A Transfer Students?

Yes, Deep Spring College accept Transfer students

How many students Do Deep Spring College Admit?

Deep Spring College Admits A Maximum of 8 students each year

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