This article explains how to tell that a relationship is about to end. There are some signs that indicate that a relationship is over. Signs like lack of intimacy, constant fighting, avoiding each other...check them out.

How do you know your relationship is about to end? What are those signs to look out for? 

Well, you have come to the right place to help you figure out the answers to these questions. 


Have you been feeling lonely, sad, or tired of your relationship lately? There's no moment of peace and each time you keep thinking of how to end the relationship? Or your relationship is no longer what it used to be. And all you can feel is the lack of love, lack of understanding, resentment, and unhappiness. And all these have got you wondering if your relationship is about to end?  Here's how to know:


Signs That your relationship is over

If you are beginning to have your doubts about your relationship, and you no longer feel happy or safe in your relationship, here's how you can tell it is over or about to end:

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-You guys are constantly fighting 

A relationship that is filled with constant fighting and quarreling is a toxic one and you shouldn't be in such a relationship. Fighting constantly also indicates that you guys are tired of the relationship or it illuminates a deeper issue you guys have not looked into. So, if you guys are finding it hard to agree on anything then this is an indication that the relationship is about to end. 

-You hate being around each other

If what you both do all day is avoid each other, then that is a sign that the relationship is about to end. Maybe you both find each other's presence exhausting and you just cannot bear being around each other. Maybe all you do is fight whenever you are together or make each other feel worse. This indicates that the relationship is not a happy one and may end soon. 

-There's no intimacy

You guys no longer do things together and you barely talk to each other about important stuff happening in your life. There's no emotional and physical intimacy, there's just emptiness and unhappiness. You both cannot confide in each other and you can't even spend some time with each other either. And seems every other thing is important to you apart from your partner. or they no longer treat you or your problems as a priority, almost like they no longer care about you. 


-You keep thinking of leaving the relationship

If it has gotten to the point where you keep thinking of leaving your relationship, then it is certainly about to end. Thinking of leaving means you no longer feel happy or okay in your relationship and you would rather be alone. And it's only a matter of time before you eventually make that decision and leave for real. 

-You guys are no longer interested in making it work

Every relationship has its own problems, but what keeps a relationship going is when both parties decide to make it work. If this is not the case with your relationship, then it is definitely about to end. One person can't make a relationship work, it takes two people. And when these two people are no longer interested then there's no relationship. 

-There's no trust or honesty

Trust and honesty are two important ingredients for a successful relationship. A relationship without these two components cannot last. So, if your relationship no longer has trust or honesty, this means you both cannot feel safe with each other. And this means that the relationship is about to end.

-You no longer see a future with them 

One way to know you really want a relationship is when you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. You can see a future with them which means you are willing to stay in that relationship no matter what. But if you no longer see a future with them that means that relationship is about to end. You rather want to be alone or have a life without them in it. 



Every relationship has its own problems, but it gets to a point where it can no longer work. And these signs above are definitely how you can figure out that your relationship has gotten to that point. It is now left for you to decide if you want to end the relationship or continue with the relationship. However, if you are no longer happy, safe, or okay with a relationship then it is best you end it. 

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