Chris Perez Life History And Biography

Christopher Gilbert Pérex, also known as Chris Perez is a popular American songwriter, musician, guitarist, and author.

Who is Chris Pérez?

Christopher Gilbert Pérex, also known as Chris Perez is a popular American songwriter, musician, guitarist, and author. He was the lead guitarist for the band group ‘Selena y Los Dinos.’ which he joined in 1986. He became popular in 1999 when he appeared in the television documentary movie ‘Mi Gente! My People’.


In 2005,  Chris was famous for appearing in the television movie ‘Selena ¡vive’. Also in 2007, he appeared in a short documentary titled ‘Making of Selena: 10 Years later’ which was designed based on the death of his wife Selena Quintanilla-Perez.


However, his guitar skills caught the attention of A.B. Quintanilla who was looking for the position of a new lead guitarist for the band. Perez joined them and went on to make a mark in the entertainment industry and he is considered as one of being act guitarists.


In 2008, Chris Perez and Venessa decided to divorce. Before marrying Venessa, Chris Perez was married to one of the legendary and influential singers, by name of Selena Quintanilla. In 1992, the couple was joined together and got married despite Selena’s family consent. Unfortunately, Selena’s friend who turned manager was murdered on March 31, 1995. Despite the death of Selena, Chris never forgets the memory and he vows to keep her legacy alive.


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Chris Perez’s Dating Life


After his separation from Vanessa Villanueva, Chris was not found in a relationship until January 2018, when artist-musician Melissa Jimenez shared an image wearing a wedding band that he had given her. The young artist appeared to be an enthusiastic presence in Chris' life, with the two hence seen going skydiving, if a few reports are to be accepted. Chris was likewise reputed to visit her in New York during this time, however, he has since uncovered that he has his spot in the Big Apple where he records music.


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Since 2019, notwithstanding, the two have not included much in the media as a team. However they could be staying quiet about their relationship, even the wedding band has been absent from Jimenez's finger for something like 2 years currently, persuading us to think that they are presently not a couple. The two have had no children together up until this point, and Chris right now co-guardians his 2 youngsters from his marriage with Vanessa.


In a meeting in 2021, Chris expressed that he felt that Selena was still near and that he could have discussions with her. Further explaining, he said that the Selena he saw was not the 22-year old that she was the point at which they got hitched, however the individual that she would be in case she were alive today. His adoration for his first spouse and her memory suffers unequivocally in Chris till today — a reality that isn't lost on the large numbers of Selena fans throughout the planet that keeps on sympathizing with him.



Chris Perez’s Ex-Wives


Chris Perez was 22 when he and Selena stole away and got hitched. In the wake of joining the band Selena y Los Dinos around 1990, Chris and Selena before long ended up in affection. Against the severe wishes of her dad, Abraham, Selena, and Chris kept on having an unsanctioned romance, which brought about Chris being terminated from the band when their relationship was found. In any case, in the wake of getting hitched in April 1992, Chris was ultimately acknowledged once more into the band and the family.



Chris Perez ex-wife Vanessa Villanueva


Who is Venessa Villanueva?

Vanessa Villanueva is an actress who was born in 1987 in the USA. Maybe she is otherwise called the spouse of the famous guitarist Chris Perez who was an individual from the Selena y Dinos band. His popularity rose with the band and his association with Venessa. After their separation, he focused on acting. 


The Net Worth of Vanessa Villanueva

How rich is Vanessa Villanueva? 

As of 2018, sources reportedly said Vanessa's net worth is $100,000 which was earned through a successful career in acting. Her husband's success has also been elevating her wealth as Chris has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. As she continues her career, her net worth is expected to increase.


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Chris Perez has two children; a child named Noah Perez and a little girl named Cassie Perez.




Noah Perez is the second child of Chris. In 2005, the union of Chris and Venessa produced Noah in the seventh year of their union. However, the exact date of his birth has not been stated but it looks like he was born on the 5th of April as the father posted birthday wishes for Noah. Noah is a celebrity baby as he keeps away from social media from his childhood. There is no other information about his personality, hence, it is obvious he lives a private life away from social media.


Noah Perez Is Interested in Music

The 15 years old son of Chris Perez has begun to follow the path of his father. Noah and Chris spend quality time together, practicing the guitar and other musical instruments as Noah shows love for his son.


The future of Noah can be predictable as stepping into music will turn out to become again in the industry. In all Chris's social media posts, it is obvious that Noah is a fast learner and it shows that it would take little time to grasp the concept of music.




Noah Péres is still a kid and lover of music. He has not been involved in any form of relationship yet as his life is entirely private, it will be difficult to find a girl if he tries to get involved with anyone.




Cassie Perez Quick Facts


Birthday: Dec 23, 1998

Birth location: San Antonio, Texas, United States of America

Age: 22 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Siblings: Noah Perez (brother)


Father: Chris Perez (Musician) 

Mother: Vanessa Villanueva

Relationship Status: Dating

Boyfriend: Mark Munoz


Cassie Peres is the only daughter of the famous musician, guitarist, and record producer, Chris Perez. Chris married Venessa Villanueva after his first wife Selena Quintanilla was murdered.


Cassie was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, the USA on December 23, 1998. She has only a brother Noah Perez who is suffering from a syndrome (a medical condition that affects mental and physical development). Cassie grew up in some parts of Corpus Christi. However, she moved to a few places where the dad Chris Perez lives in San Antonio Texas.


Cassie's full name is Cassie Gabrielle Perez Cassie’s father is Chris Perez - 51 years old

Cassie's mother is Venessa - 49 years old.


When it comes to her career, Cassie followed her mother, Venessa. Vanessa is a professional in the beauty and health industry who runs her own spa company, Cassie also strives to become a professional in the same field.


As a start in her career, Cassie works as an Aesthetician at Massage Envy, USA. An aesthetician is someone who has knowledge of skin health, facial beauty, signs of aging, and so on. Cassie's has opened a beauty service providing a campaign called Ethereal Beauty. She does her beauty via the social media app Instagram 


Looking at her Instagram profile, Cassie Perez is a lover of dogs. Alongside posting with dogs, she also posts a picture with her younger brother.




The gorgeous daughter of the well-known American musician Chris Perez is now in a healthy and lovely relationship. Cassie's Instagram account is filled with images of her boyfriend Mark Munoz. Right after Cassie left her teenage age, she started showing off herself on social media, posting pictures of her boyfriend, dogs, and family members. The love between Cassie and Mark has immensely grown as she refers to her boyfriend as ‘the dad of their dog’. They celebrated their anniversary on the 4th of July. Their pictures are on social media.




What is Chris Pérez doing now?

Pérez is as yet making music. In 1999, he shaped the Chris Pérez Band. Their introduction album, Resurrection, highlighted a few tunes about Selena and won the Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album Grammy in 2000.


In the wake of delivering the sophomore collection Una Noche Más in 2000, the band split up. He proceeded intermittently to make music with individual individuals from Selena Y Los Dinos (counting a get-together). His latest melodic endeavors have been with the Chris Pérez Project.


In 2012, Pérez said that he was still close with the Quintanilla family, who he said supported his book, however solely after its delivery. "I remained silent to anybody while composing it," he conceded to The Hollywood Reporter. "It wasn’t due to the reason I feared the response, in any case, basically I expected to seek a blissful sensation when I was making it. At the point when I was done and conversed with Abraham about it, he said, 'Child, in case it's something you believe you need to do, you reserve each privilege to do it.'"


Pérez, whose adoration for hot and spicy food varieties was deified in Selena, likewise delivered his line of hot sauces called Pérez Pepper Sauce. 


In a 2015 meeting, Pérez said not set in stone to keep Selena's inheritance alive: "It went from something that I attempted to make light of to something I've become familiar with. To have the option to go out there and talk about it and see the affection that the fans have 20 years after the fact is rousing."

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