The Alt girl on TikTok: What is an alt girl

There is more involved, than wearing pair of chunky. We have seen so many of them on TikTok personas, ranging from VSCO girl to E boy, and now get prepared for the rise of the alternate girl.

Introducing the alt girl: What is an alt girl and how can I tell if I am one?


There is more involved, than wearing pair of chunky. we have seen so many of them on TikTok personas, ranging from VSCO girl to E boy, and now get prepared for the rise of the alternate girl.

You may have seen them all over your feed. it is a kind of bringing you back to the emo phase, but an alt girl is cooler and more fashionable. So are you considering being one?



What is an alt girl?

The word “Alt” is a certain aesthetic that embraces a grungy alternative appearance and rebellious behaviour to fit. The major thing about alt girls is that they are quite different from other aesthetics, they are literally an alternative. Social media, mostly TikTok have made this trend to become more popular.


They are mainly young teenagers who wear prudent clothes, dye hair and listens to alt music. They mostly have this “I don’t care behaviour “, they are always rebellious. Going against the norms is their real self and they are not the social type.


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An alternative style can be the combination of punk, indie, goth, emo and E girl. All these aesthetics were trending in the 2000s, but they have been shifted to the age of social media.

You will see a lot of them mostly on  Pininterest, hashtags and Instagram, where they have a huge number of followers on their posts.


How does someone look like an alt girl from TikTok?

Most celebrities often show off their alt looks from time to time. Here is a singer and songwriter named Maggie Lindemann pulling off the alternative girl look.


So what are alt girls know for?

They always appear on heavy eyeliner, a streak of red hair and chunky boots that give off rebellious vibes, at the same time they say “I am different from other girls”.

They go for a baggy ripped black top, black nails, and a no disturbed facial look which adds to all alt and quirky aesthetics of Amanda.

Being an alternative girl is not only about the facial expression but it is a lifestyle. An alt girl will type all text in lower case and still refrain from using emojis as much as she can, she resorts to type out her happy and sad faces for authenticity.


This text was sent at 3 am, as it is common for them to be awake till late hours, listening to songs like Lil Peep, Nirvana and Twenty One Pilots. Whilst alt means to genres of music that goes against the commercial culture and mainstream. They are mainly intertwined with popular culture to be a trend itself as to alternative girls fashion.


Like any alternative society, alt girls get a lot of hate from the dominant. They slightly or don’t care about mainstreams opinions, like the counterculture. Alternative girls boldness, darkness, and sensuality are not observed by mainstream viewers, particularly in the olden times.


But some of the alternative girl school tick is not concerned about people’s opinion of their expressions themselves. Alt girl wants to make things happen and give it a literal middle finger to naysayers.

Alt girls want to break issues that place people into boxes and conformity. Although, their styles are the main conformity box.

In spite of the irony of fitting in a specific typical habit, the boldness and nuanced variation within the alternative girl style be denied which holds true to this claimed otherness that they prescribe to. Lastly, when she is not on TikTok, she will be watching pulp Fiction religiously.

The image and behaviour of an alternate girl are not original or new, it is an adaptation and evolution of the styles they get inspiration from.

The accessibility the internet offers and the explosion of TikTok, makes alternative girls trendy inspire their rejection of trendiness.

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