5 Countries who are rivals of Brazil national team and the reason behind their rivalry


This article emphasizes on some notable rivals of Brazil national team and why they are rivals.

Due to the success of the Brazil national team at the international and continental level and in different friendly matches, they have gotten several rivals. Most national teams around the world are actually afraid of the team and always panic when paired with them in any competition especially during FIFA world cup competition and Olympics. Below are some countries that have developed serious rival with Brazil national team.


1. Uruguay

One of the most outstanding rival of the Brazil national team is Uruguay. The hatred started when the final stage at the 1950 FIFA World Cup was played between them. The match was played at Maracanazo stadium, Rio de Janeiro which was the former capital of Brazil on 16th July 1950. Uruguay won the match 2–1. It was spectated officially by 173,850 people and possibly by over 200,000, the Maracanazo remains the most highly-attended football match ever played.

Unlike in other editions of the tournament, which conclude with a one-off final, the 1950 winner was determined by a final group stage, where four teams played in a round-robin format. With Brazil topping the group, one point ahead of Uruguay going into the match, Uruguay needed a win while Brazil needed only to avoid defeat to become the world champions; neither of the other two teams, Spain and Sweden, could finish first. The match is often regarded as the de facto final of the 1950 World Cup.

A victory of an underdog over a heavily favoured side, the result is considered one of the biggest upsets in the history of football.


2. Argentina

Another national team that have serious rivalry with Brazil is the Argentina national team. The team has developed many rivalries through the years, with the most notable ones being with Argentina. Their rivalry is popularly known as the Superclassico das Americas in Portuguese.

They have played several international and continental matches of which Brazil won most of them. This is the actual reason why both sides are never good friends but rather are fast friends. Their rivalry has extended to their players and it Ivan be seen among players of same club but are not good to each other because they are from Brazil and Argentina.


3. Italy

The Italian national team has also developed some mild rivalry with Brazil. Although the rivalry has gotten intense in the modern era of football. Their rivalry is popularly known as the Classico Mundial in Portuguese or the World Derby in English and currently, it is one of the most notable derby.


4. France

Another country who has developed a mild rivalry with Brazil is France. The major reason for the rivalry is due to the fact that they usually have difficulties against France in World Cups. The France national team is always one of their major contenders when it comes to FIFA world cup tournament and most at times, they are defeated be France.


5. Portugal

Brazil and Portugal are also rivals due to shared cultural traits and heritage, as well as the large number of Brazilian-born players in Portugal.


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