Guilder Ultimate Search: Six Things To Know As Reality Show Returns

The Gulder Ultimate Search works to discover talents and promote education for the youth of Nigeria while encouraging them towards entrepreneurship, innovation, technology development and research.

Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) is back with the 13th edition of its annual search for extraordinary people in Nigeria.

The national competition, which seeks to uncover talents and reward excellence across diverse fields will hold on October 16, 2021 till December 19, the grand finale.

It was established in 2004 by Sir Chief Ola Balogun, a Nigerian billionaire and industrialist.

The Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) has been on for 10 years and is one of the most exciting reality shows in Nigeria.

It’s a show where people from all over Nigeria compete to become winners by showing their talent, skills, courage and strength as well as luck.

With the primary aim of identifying outstanding talents among Nigerians between ages 21-35 years residing within the territorial boundaries of Nigeria.

Who would be groomed to become future leaders that will champion socio-economic development across Africa.

The Gulder Ultimate Search works to discover talents and promote education for the youth of Nigeria while encouraging them towards entrepreneurship, innovation, technology development and research.

As the new season of Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 2021 draws closer, more and more people are subscribing to watch as their favorite celebrities go head on with other contestants for a chance at winning whatever the reward might be.

The organizers of the show are looking forward to its dominating airwaves like it did in 2004 with a new theme: 'The Age of Craftsmanship'.

“We are really excited to be bringing back the Gulder Ultimate Search for the viewing pleasure of Nigerians who have over the years continued to call for the return of the show,” said the Corporate Affairs Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Sade Morgan.

“The planning team have put in place everything necessary to give the fans exactly what they enjoy about the show, and I am confident that everyone will be pleasantly surprised and delighted with what we have in store.” He added.

Nigerians cannot but help anticipate how it will be like judging from past experiences that has equally created room for fun and excitement which is always guaranteed by this show.

The show was a game competition where contestants had to survive in different parts of Nigeria for three weeks.

Surviving meant finding food and shelter while trying their damnedest not to come across any wild animals like lions, elephants etc.

But they also needed to win challenges which came with great rewards like money and cars.

GUS has discovered several talented artists who have achieved success in Nigeria's entertainment industry.

Some of the past winners include Kunle Remi (2010), Dennis Okike (Season 8) and Chris Okagbue (season 10).

All went on to build a successful career as actors/actresses in Nollywood, Africa’s biggest movie market. Another winner from season four is Dominic Mudabai; he also starred in TV commercials for multinational brands like Unilever and Guinness."

Who can apply?

Interested individuals can now apply for the 2021 season of GUS on their official website starting September 1st, as it has been officially announced by organisers that all applicants must be between 21 and 35 years old with a minimum height requirement: 5'8".

How do you do it?

Applying for GUS is an easy process that can be completed online. Simply visit the website and follow these steps:

- Enter personal details, including name, address date of birth 

- Upload photo to confirm identity 

- Answer several questions

When is the deadline?

Be sure to apply before September 8.

What happens after application?

Applicants who have been shortlisted will participate in a regional selection process on September 13 and 14. The following day, the selection process takes place again in Lagos before it concludes two days later.

Where will the show air?

The show, which is produced by Guinness will air on DStv and other local stations across the country.

Who is the anchor?

However, the identity of this year's show host remains a mystery. Last season was anchored by Nollywood actors Chidi Mokeme and Bob Manuel-Udokwu but it is not clear who will be hosting this seasons'.

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