Cheating Wives Stories - 9 True Life Cheating Wives Stories You Should Never Miss

Here are the top 9 real life stories of some women we interviewed. They shared the reason why they cheated in their relationship. Do they regret it ? were they happy after ? Kindly read to the end to know more about the cheating wives stories.


In today's world it's quite obvious and clear that people do cheat on each other.

According to a study on a website  it was actually been confirmed and affirmed that about 15% to 20% do cheat in married relationship.


However, the rate of cheating  enlarged and increased with the age for both the married women and married men.


In today's article I'll be showing you five real cheating wives stories and why they cheated.

And note that these stories are all true stories we gathered from different people across the world through interviews.


Beforehand there are a lot of reasons and basis on why wives cheat because they all vary.

Some cheats because they want to escape some emotional abuse they have been into, some other people are just bored.


Here Are The Top 20 Cheating Wives Stories

1. "He was just like a roommate”

Cheating Wives Stories - my husband was just like a roommate

Basically the first affair I had, it was not deliberate and  intentional. 

I wasn't probing and searching to have any affair at all.


It wasn't just my intention of doing it but it all happened unpromptedly and spontaneously.

At that time he actually lived in another country, truth be told we had never even met in reality face to face.


It just looked like a cyber friendship which eventually turned into another thing that was actually a lot more.


We both had plans to meet in person after eight months. 

We always stay connected everyday. We chat and text each other almost everyday.


To be honest my husband has always remained a very good friend to me till today, but it just looks like I'm staying with my roommate. And it doesn't just look like marriage any longer.


So that is the main reason I'm in an affair with other partners.

It's just a physical relationship.

I've actually tried to get a divorce, but it's just a long process.


My home is good and it's not an argumentative and combative relationship at all with my husband, it is not just intimate any longer. 

Anna is 36 years old, Illinois.


2. “ He was in a profound denial”

When my husband and I got married I never for once had the intention of cheating in my marriage. 


I never had the intention to actually cheat on my husband. 

But things later happened.

We had three kids, one of our children has ADHD and autism.


Then my husband was actually in deep denial for over 2 years and he literally became emotionally abusive.


Truth be told I never had any guilt for the affair I had with other men simply because it saved me.


It never happened anyone when my affair partner actually died by suicide, and u was just so shattered.

For all this while, my husband never knew about what was going on.


All told my therapist all that happened and my therapist recommended that I should tell my husband because it will help the both of us to actually move on.


To be honest this was a very tough and hard decision to make.

It was just a week from filing for  divorce and when he would be dead.

To be honest he was not the reason for the divorce I wanted to file.


There are a lot of other reasons. 

But later I stopped making that choice, I went into more therapy and I later decided to actually give it a chance and I stayed in the marriage.


After 3 years, things went perfectly and were okay. 

My husband gained my trust again. He loved me and we worked through a lot of things.


Name : Wanda 

Age  50 years old 

Country : Kentucky


3. “He Bacame So Controlling”

Cheating Wives Stories - My husband became so controlling

When my husband and I got married, he became so jealous and controlling.


He never just wanted me to communicate with any other men or even have lunch with my female friends out there.


Gradually our marriage started to fall apart. 

Then later on I fell deeply in love with a man I was actually working with, and about 8 years while I was married.


The affair I was having made me feel more confident and loved.  

To be honest I never felt so good about it that time, in retrospect, I never had any single regrets either.


I never for once actually ever dated the guy I was literally having affairs with. 

My husband and I divorced after the marriage ended.


After the divorce my ex-husband asked me if I was having any affairs with anyone while we're both in the relationship and I said yes, but I never told him who he was.


Right now I'm single and I'm totally fine about it. Right now I'm  so glad I was out of the toxic relationship with my ex-husband and I don't think I would have actually done anything differently.


Maybe I should just have ended the relationship sooner but I was super concerned about my kids. 


Name : Tegan 

Age : 48 

Country : Nevada


4. “He Never Care About Anything ”

Cheating Wives Stories - My husband never cared about the responsibility

One day I was looking into the mirror and I realized some changes about me. I noticed I was getting way older.


Around that time my husband was having some difficulties with mental illness and also with work.


He was dumping all the problems on me and was actually pulling away.

At some certain point I felt I could handle everything: the investment accounts and the bills. I have a college degree and I'm well- educated.


He never showed any signs that he was going to help, then one day I looked at him and thought to myself that he does not get to have my whole entire life.


Then later on I thought to myself that there should be someone out there that would find me attractive and would want to have conversations with me, and miss me.


Some weeks later I started going 

out on dates and having affairs with other guys.


My husband and I could not solve the problem we were both facing so we divorced. 

To be honest I never for once had any regrets about what has happened. I'm super excited.

Name : Tami 

Age : 61 years old 

Country : California

5. “He Fell Sick And He Totally Changed ”

Cheating Wives Stories - my husband felt sick and he because a different person

My husband suffers from a disease called Alzheimer's which is a disease that actually destroys the importance of any memory functions.


Then he became a different person entirely and I was so depressed and fed up.

Then one day I decided to start going on dates because I need to be happy once again. 


I stayed out on simple dates and truth be told It was super fun and I met someone and we have both been in a relationship for over 2 years now.


I date him only and not anyone else, and that actually helped me so much. 


Right now I've been able to take good care of him and in a much better frame or mind.


He does not live with me anymore because at a certain point I could not do that anymore, right now he stays in the town and I do check on him and visit him always.

My husband does not have any memories at all anymore.


If I should tell him something now in less than 5 minutes he tends to forget everything that I had told him.

Right now I'm fully happy but I grieved the loss that I had, and the loss of my spouse.


Name : Kate 

Age: 34 

Country : Texas


6. “My Mindset ”

Cheating Wives Stories - My Mindset

I had the mindset that I could be happy if I'm having an affair with someone out there.


My home was not a happy home and my husband always acts like he doesn't care about how I feel.


I do see my client  talking fairly about the other guys they're having affairs with which interests me so I felt I could use the idea. 


Later on I started going out to parties with some of my friends and I met a guy called Nicholas.


To be honest Nicholas treated me like I was a princess anytime I feel so down I give Nicholas a call and he makes me happy afterwards.


I started to feel so excited and I thought to myself it'd be a great idea if I should divorce with my husband rather than keep practicing adultery.


We both divorced each other and Nicholas and I started living a new life together and to be honest I never regretted all my actions. 

Nicholas and I are happy together.

Name : Alicia

Age: 34

Country: California

7. “I Was A Bad Person”

Cheating Wives Stories - I was a bad person

I believed I was really a wicked person for thinking that I never loved or fancy my husband anymore.


I wish I could let him know I love him no more but I was so scared not to hurt him so I kept mute.


I literally have no word I could use to let him know that I do not find him attractive sexually anymore.


I was always scared everyday because I always think that he might find out that I'm a “wicked or bad person” and I always judge myself everytime.


After that I  started having affairs with some other guys and my husband never finds out till date.

We did not show her profile due to security purposes...


8. “Little Maturity ”

Cheating Wives Stories - Little maturity

Thinking about the past I can vividly realize that I never had the maturity or skills needed to actually encounter the problems that my ex-husband and I normally do have around that time.


We do argue so much, we never understand each other at all so this caused our communication to break down.


I never knew how I could manage all those stressful situations anytime we argued. I always believed he didn't love me at all and he hated me.


So I took action in which I started clubbing every night and I had affairs with different guys.


I never stopped doing it and I loved it. 

One day I was in the bathroom and a message popped up on my phone, my ex-husband checked it and realized I was cheating on him all this while.


He got super angry and said he would want to divorce I never hesitate and I was happy about it because I felt like I wanna be free and finally be happy.

Well I'm glad that I'm finally free and I never regretted all my actions. 

Name : Rebecca 

Age: 36

Country : Illinois 

9. “I took revenge on my husband”

Cheating Wives Stories - I took revenge on my husband

My husband and I started living happily with not without any problem.


We love ourselves so much we do things together and we are really so happy.


One day my husband went to his work and he  forgot his phone at home I was being to the house chores, and I could hear his phone ringing twice in the bedroom.


Then I decided to check who was calling when I check his phone I saw a lady's message pop up and this message typically was a romantic message.


I was really so shocked by seeing that because I never believed my husband could ever cheat on me and I realise he was indeed cheating on me.


I felt so heartbroken and I decided not to tell him I acted  like everything was  fine and I never told anyone either so I kept it to myself.


One day I decided to take revenge so I went to the club one night and met a guy. 

We both started affairs with each other and I loved it.


Later on I felt like I was doing the wrong thing and one day I called my husban

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