Top 10 African Owned Apps to Watch in 2021 / 2022

There are different black owned apps in the world, but we selectively choose out the top 10 best Apps made by african developers.

Top African Owned Apps to Watchout for in 2021 / 2022

There are different black owned apps in the world, but we selectively choose out the top 10 best Apps made by African developers. Africa technology is growing fast and the daily internet users in Africa keeps spiraling up daily.

These Are the top 10 Apps owned by Africans to make your life easier. In this article, we will be discussing about some apps to download movies, apps to meet new friends, educational apps, rewarding apps that pays you for using them or simply doing some tasks, Apps for your bitcoin needs and some apps like facebook but doesn't spy on you nor sell your data.


  1. Our First App on the List is PATRICIA.  

    My Patricia is a web and mobile application to sell your gift cards, buy bitcoins and other crypto currencies. Patricia is an industry leader in gift cards and bitcoin transactions. Patricia enables you to securely buy and sell gift cards and bitcoins of any value, store them in your local currency or BTC wallet, and use them for airtime, data, and Daily transactions such as cables. Subscribing to the new Patricia app allows you to easily trade with your Patricia account.


Patricia makes buying and selling Bitcoin and Perfect Money a breeze. It is very simple and no hassle. With email, you can become a Bitcoin master smoothly.
Receive funds through your Patricia Bitcoin wallet. Safe, convenient, and ready to use!
** Smart Tools: **
New to Cryptocurrency? do not worry. We provide you with protection. We educate, inform and entertain you through our learning portal to keep you up to date with all changes in the cryptocurrency world.
** Stay informed: **
Use our clear and easy-to-use dashboard to stay up-to-date and keep you informed about your finances anytime, anywhere through our mobile app or website.
** Security first, second and third: **
Your account is secure and protected by industry standard network security. Your Patricia wallet is subject to the same strict security standards as the bank, with multiple levels of security Authentication and multiple encryption methods. You can even lock the application with a password or disable access if it falls into the wrong hands.
** From beginner to expert, we create it for you: **
Whether you are an experienced cryptocurrency captain or an avid beginner, you can find everything you need in one place. Patricia is here to make your dreams come true, and everything starts when you download this application. we promise. Support everything.
** Do You Need Help With Your Patricia Account? **
You Send theman email []
You can Visit There Website here:

2. Our Second on The List is African Like CashApp called ABEG

It's a Social Payment App to send money to friends, neighbor or simply    do some giveaway fast fast.
I bet you’ve heard, “Abeg has sent me money many times. That’s why we are here. Please read on and we will change the way P2P payments are made in Africa. Nowadays, there are many applications in Nigeria that can be used to send money to Friends and third parties send and receive funds, but most of these apps are not easy to use, nor are they designed for millennials or Gen Z.
Abeg helps make payments simple, safe and fast. Abeg allows you to spend money to buy what you want when you need it. This is an interesting interactive application that young people can use for daily transactions and payments.
How to use Abeg: •
Simple registration:
All you have to do is download the app and register with your email address and phone number in a few minutes.
Financing your wallet Before:
Making a transaction, you can recharge your Abeg wallet via any bank transfer. It's too easy.
• Sending and receiving money is a joy.
Use tags like you will do on CashApp or paid links that can be shared at will or even anonymously to send money to people in your contact list.
Please note: Abeg is currently only available in Nigeria. #Abegapp #abeg #app
Contact Details:

3. MyNaBO: Your Nextdoor Neighborhood Community Social APP


MyNaBO: Local Update, Offer, Recommendation Deal app brings you the opportunity to meet neighbors and make a strong social community.

If you are looking for neighborhood apps that allow you to mingle with the people around, let you know nearby services, local deals and what's happening around you, then this nextdoor neighborhood app is your right choice. Learn more about your community, find out what’s local and create a safe neighborhood. Get local services at your fingertips, help local community, take part in local activities and make a social platform with the neighborhood.


What does this neighbors app offer?

?Create a social community and post different updates on various things.
?Read articles and blogs and get to know the neighborhood better.
? Find nearby friends and communicate with the good neighbors effortlessly.
? Go live if you have anything to stream and show the neighborhood.
?Explore the marketplace, get local services, deals and others.
?Join different groups and always stay updated on the daily things going around.
?Share critical, real-time information directly at the neighborhood, for the neighbors, and the entire community.
?Share your locally approved products and services that improve neighbors’ daily lives. Get listed on MyNaBO community yellow pages so that your consumers can access your business directly.


Whether you are searching for selling apps in my local area or neighborhood watch apps to make a strong community, my neighborhood or nextdoor neighborhood app is the right one for you. Going local is now a matter of one click. Meet neighbors, make friends and enjoy being in the social community. This
neighborhood watch app will let you know everything that is going around you as well as bring you hot deals and services. You can get to know your neighbors and eat together in the neighborhood canteen.

Moreover, you can use this neighborhood app for local meetups without spending a single penny. Our app is entirely free of cost. To make friends, to know the neighborhood and communicate, you don’t spend a dime. You can also volunteer people who are in need. The marketplace brings you the opportunity to make money as well as mingle with the neighbors.

So, if you are looking for neighborhood apps for local meetups, try MyNaBO: Local Update, Offer, Recommendation Deal and join the community!


4. IROKOtv: One of The Best Nollywood African Movie Streaming Platform

IROKOtv provides you with the best Nollywood movies and TV series in the world: thousands of Nigerian and Ghanaian movies. Watch your favorite movies and series offline. Save the movie on your device and watch it anytime, without using additional data!


How does this work? It's very simple:

• Click the install button to download the application.
• Use your phone number to log in or register. You can also link your existing account.
• Subscribe and watch any number of movies.
need help? Feel free to contact their customer support team at or WhatsApp them via phone +234 817 892 4632. (If you let them know through missed call, they will call you back). By using the irokotv application, you agree to thier data protection guidelines and terms of use.

5. YUULEARN: A Well Structured Online School- Where- You Can Learn Remotely

YuuLearn mobile App for E-Learning is the learning application developed to meet the needs of digital education.

Using YuuLearn mobile learning application students can take courses and lessons directly from their smartphones. Whether they have an Android device or iPhone, the app perfectly fits the smaller screens, so learners still easily access any type of content and get a high-quality user experience.

The learning app fully synchronizes with their website and smoothly delivers the content they publish on their platform. Every change on the website applies and displays in the app.

YuuLearn Smartphone learning and training app successfully recreates the educational environment for students allowing them to experience a complete vocational studying process and skill acquisition.

Key App features:
Course Taking – Students can take any courses and lessons they like without interrupting the process of learning and enjoy the smooth flow of content.

Various Lessons Types – The application easily displays all types of lessons, whether it is text, video, live stream or slides. Users can play all the video and audio materials right in the app without the need to use other programs.

Quizzes Tests – Set up quizzes and assignment tasks with different types of questions, exercises that students can pass on the go.

User-friendly interface – The learning app aims to provide the best user experience ever possible. The simple and intuitive interface makes it super easy to navigate across the application, conveniently accessing every item.

Account pages – After registration students will have their personal account pages where they can find everything regarding their performance on the app.

Course listing page – Learners can apply filters and search for the courses they want to find the best result.

Payments Memberships for Android – Enable online payments, allow one-time to purchase and create membership plans, students can access directly from the app.

Enable InApp Purchases – Ease access to courses for users with in-app purchases.

Accessibility – The software is optimized for iOS and Android system based devices including different types of smartphones for exceptional user experience.

Progress Tracking – Training apps for mobile devices can help students keep track of their studies through automated updates and the means to check on assignments and their own progress.

Control Over the Session – Students can take more control over the learning sessions, especially when they can access the course at any moment and check the updates.

Flexibility – With e-learning apps, users get flexibility by eliminating the need for learning activities to happen at a specific time. Accessing the materials whenever they want, people go through the content with more pleasure.

Download the best educational app for a mobile device YuuLearn App and explore new opportunities with mobile learning.

6. MyNaBOtv: Unlimited Video Streaming Monetization

MyNaBOtv is an App designed for both filmmakers and film lovers. You can earn from your comedy skits and other videos by simply monetizing them on MyNaBOtv. MyNaBOtv boast of putting an end to Capitalism in the movie industry by the Marketers. You can also Access thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood, Pinoy, movies, world's first-class documentaries. Nollywood films TV series.

You can download latest Nigerian Ghanaian films for free. Watch your favorite films and TV shows offline. Keep films for your smart devices and watch them every time without the use of extra data!

Monetize content as a pro user, make your own movies and earn from it unlimitedly, on MyNaBoTV, you can rent movies, buy movies or watch for free. MyNaBoTV is designed for filmmakers, film lovers, and advertisers that want to advertise on our free movies.

How does it work? It's easy:

• Tap the INSTALL button to get the app!
• Login or sign up with your email. You can also log in with your MyNaBo account from
• Browse through our extensive library and find the movie you want.
• Subscribe and watch as many movies as you want.
•    Watch Movie for Free
•    Rent Movie
•    Buy Movies And more..

Need help? Contact our customer service team anytime at or WhatsApp us on +2347042129587. (If you give us a missed call, we'll call you right back).

By using the MyNaBotv app you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

7.  MoYa APP #DataFree

Instant messaging and calling friends, reading news, getting real-time results, using local services, playing games, checking the weather, reading books, MoyaPayD iAccount allows you to pay and collect...Dololo data costs and more No Data cost of Moya and instant messaging on the following cellular networks:
South Africa MTN,
Celular C, Vodacom,
Even if you don't have airtime or data in your wallet, mine can work on these networks. The Moya app does not share your data with major technology companies. Period.
Unbelievably good? Give it a try and you will see. No String Attach!
Unlimited instant messages and voice notes, no data transmission cost in the supported network.
Discover all kinds of useful and interesting online services, #datafree, all in one app.
Voice and video call quality is better than other apps (not #datafree You will be warn before you make the call)
MoyaPayD iaccount is busy for your business. You can pay, receive payment, transfer, remit, swipe card, EFT, withdraw cash and purchase data, airtime, electricity, etc.
Group Chat with no restriction on messaging at zero data.
Media Attachments such as photos, videos, documents, location sharing (are not #datafree, you will receive a warning before sending)
Automatic end-to-end encrypted contact synchronization of private messages for security purposes.
Automatically find your contacts with Moya. Always log in and never miss Any message when the phone is closed
uMoya ❤️


Stay safe, connected and protected with South Africa's largest and best mobile security solution.
* In any emergency, get help from the police, ambulance, fire department or traffic officials anytime and anywhere
* Share your location with your loved ones to keep each other safe, the above are provided free of charge.
In addition, you can also enjoy private emergency medical care or armed assistance through our additional Namola Plus service.
We also provide a separate emergency button to improve safety. Choose OK, not random

9. SwahiliFix: East African Netflix

Swahiliflix is ​​one of Africa's largest internet and entertainment companies. We show the best Swahili movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Already joined? Log in to access your subscription. new? Log in to the app for immediate access.
Swahiliflix offers a monthly subscription that automatically renews. You can access content on all devices without restrictions. Payment will be debited to your Google Play account after confirming the purchase.
Prices vary by location and are confirmed before purchase.Unless the subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period, the subscription will automatically renew every month.
You can cancel at any time in your account settings.

10. MyNaBO Messenger: Free Text Chat Video Call

In Summary, there are other great Appa out there from talentend Africans making changes around the world. But this list is of our own openion based on potential future growth and success based on each developer vision and mission.
In this article, we discuss the Top 10 African owned Apps to Watch out for in 2021 / 2022
1. MyPatricia
2. Abeg
3. MyNaBO
4. Irokotv
5. YuuLearn
6. MyNaBOtv
7. MoYa #Datafree
8. Namola
9. SwahiliFlix
10. MyNaBO Messenger
Feel free to suggest more Apps for us to feature and collaboration.


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