Incredible photos of quadruplets and their mother celebrating their fifth birthday, a woman says she wanted to become a

Divinar Joseph prides himself on having successfully raised quadruplets. As easy as it was, the little ones have grown well and are celebrating their fifth birthday today. She also announced that she was originally destined to become a nun. but everything changed when she was on campus

On that day five years ago, Divinar Ogari Joseph went into labor and gave birth to four girls; Lara, Lyanna, Libby and Lisa, two of them, Lara and Lyanna, were born weighing 1.6kg and had holes in their hearts that forced them to stay in neonatal care for a month before being discharged.

A bill of KSh 6.2 million (N23,606,032.33) had accumulated, but both the mother and her babies were in good health. A Five-Year Roller Coaster Speaking exclusively to Hillary Lisimba de Tuko, Divinar revealed she was going on a roller coaster ride was bring bundles of joy.

To start with, the private school teacher always had to hire two domestic helpers because the workload can be overwhelming for one.

She said, “The greatest challenge is the disease. Sometimes they all get sick at the same time.

”The Nun's Dream Perhaps the only unknown fact in the story of Divinar and her quadruplets is that she was destined to become a nun from an early age.

This is because she was raised a groom mainly because of her aunt (father's sister) who is a nun. . "When her plan to become a nun forever was nipped in the bud, her story changed and her mind began to embrace a new idea: marriage.

After leaving campus, she separated from the young man and soon met Joseph, the man who would become her husband and father of their children. He has no regrets, Divinar quickly adds that he does not regret the change as he is blessed. These beautiful girls and four at the same time. He currently runs a parents' group on Facebook where other parents share different experiences of bringing up their children.

As the little ones celebrate their fifth birthday today, Divinar looks back wistfully and thanks God for achievements, lessons and milestones. They all did it together. Meanwhile, MyNaBO previously reported that Wade Aaron's quadruplets Nick, Zach and Nigel were enrolled at the prestigious Yale University in 2017. to NBC that while they were a support group for one another, they hoped to grow as individuals in different directions. Four years later, the 22-year-old now has multiple titles and an AC that I dream of growing up independently.

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