Reactions when a flashback video shows Kiddwaya kissing Nengi on the dance floor before walking into the bathroom

Nigerians discovered the moment when Kiddwaya and Nengi were seen together to show they were lying. Kiddwaya and Nengi had denied doing anything in the bathroom, claiming they were drunk and couldn't remember anything. a bit intimate at a Saturday night party before going to the bath

A flashback video showed the moment when Nengi and Kiddwaya were dancing at their regular Saturday night party. Nengi was seen in front of Kiddwaya as they danced together. Kiddwaya then grabbed her neck tightly.


Kiddwaya kissed Nengi.

The duo were soon spotted in the bathroom where they denied doing anything to each other. The Nigerians took out the video to show that Kiddwaya and Nengi had lied because they did not remember what happened that day.


Fans Reactions As usual,

Nigerians had something to say.


"The truth is that they’re trying to have something between each other ok." chomsleek: "Thank you. She pretends a lot."


"Ehn we are not blind now...all I can see is that she turned her back for Kidd to help her with her zip and she ran to pee periodt any other person seeing something apart from that show bring out his or her own video clip...and Dey did a little e chock in d party they were drank and its cruise period."


"Kidd u don’t look like someone that is tipsy here. Abi I no look u well." ellarules124: "Kidd pressed her chest."

The relationship between Kiddwaya and Erica previously reported that Kiddwaya revealed why she has no love life. He had described his relationship with Erica as great, which got Nigerians talking.

Later, Kiddwaya hosted a question-and-answer session and was asked what he meant by a curious fan when he talked about his love life in the interview.
In response to the question, Kiddwaya noted that Erica was his girlfriend at the time of the interview. In his opinion, he didn't want the public to interfere too much. Star said she wanted their relationship to be private so she said she didn't have a love life.

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