How The Wicked Well Known Nigerian Pastor Kills his Wife and Buries her in dip pit.

The police arrested Pastor Chris Enoch, who allegedly killed his wife and buried her body in a shallow grave. Youth Chairman Effiong Johnson stated on Wednesday, June 16 that Pastor Enoch had killed and buried his wife, who was confirmed to be a patient, seven days ago. The body is in a sh

Child seeking mother reported that when the pastor’s child complained to neighbors that they had not seen their mother for several days after they fell out with their father, the community aroused suspicion.

Johnson then went to search the priest's apartment and was surprised to find a woman's body in a shallow grave. Since then, he has been handed over to the police. The young president added that he admitted to the police that he had killed his wife.

To quote Johnson, “I’m from (the police) and he just found out that he killed a woman about 7 days ago.” Judging from the children’s words, they (the pastor and wife) had problems, and sometimes he would tell the children that he wanted to kill his wife, nothing will happen.

"That day, when he and his wife started arguing, the man drove the children away." At the same time, a Facebook user named Nsikakabashi Akpan also shared a photo of the alleged pastor.

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