Want to know if a shy girl likes you? This article can be of help...

     Understanding a shy girls feeling may seem pretty challenging but not when you know the signs. It is very difficult to know when a shy girl likes you secretly because; she won’t come out plain with her feelings for you. Even if she likes you that bad, she won’t let it visible. It is left to you to find out all by yourself. You wish to know if the girl you love is reciprocating your feelings. But it is challenging to spot when a shy girl like you. Guys, here is one fact about shy girls. They are often afraid of being rejected if they express their feelings or thoughts to the guy they love. So, they hide their emotions and feelings to themselves. You can’t actually blame them for this. While some girls are very confident in expressing their feelings to someone they love, others aren’t.

    It is very difficult for a man to know when a shy girl likes him secretly. So with this article, we will be discussing some of the signs that can help you determine when a shy girl likes you. The signs aren’t voluminous or something difficult to understand. These are simple signs or gestures we often overlook in situations like this.



First of all, to know if a shy girl likes you, you must pay close attention to her body movement and her behavior whenever she is around you. Critically observe her body movement and behavior when she is with you. This might help give you confidence to make your move. Here are some undeniable signs that a shy girl likes you.


1. She Stares At You Secretly

     Staring at you secretly is one of the first signs a shy girl likes you. Oftentimes, you might catch her staring at you and the moment both eyes jam, she quickly turns to the other side. This is a clear sign she likes you, but she is shy of maintaining eye contact with you. There was this girl I liked back then but I wasn’t sure if she felt the same way. Whenever we are together at a place, she stares at me uncontrollably and whenever our eyes lock, she quickly averts her gaze. I never took this serious until one day I caught her staring at me. I approached her immediately and that’s how we started talking, only for me to find out that she has feelings for me for quite some time. 

     What am I saying? It took me some time to figure out whether she liked me or not. I had to give myself time to observe her behavior when we were together and when the time was right, I approached her. It was that easy. So, you don’t need to a sorcerer to give you the permission to make your move. Once you have observed her body language, make the move.


2. She Smiles At You A Lot

     Do you catch her smiling at you? If yes, it means she is happy being around you. When a lady enjoys your company, you will see her smiling always. Not all ladies smile at a guy. When a shy girl smiles at you, she is letting you know that she secretly likes you and might be waiting for you to make your move.


3. She Chats You Up More Than She Talks To You In Person

     When a shy girl like you, she can’t be expressive physically or while both of you are together. For her, she finds it easier and confortable to express herself while texting or chatting with you. That way, she can express herself to the fullest. You may even find her opening up and telling you things the more via texts or chats. She might be shy in front of you, but her tongue is tied via text messages or chats.


4. You Find Her Blushing Uncontrollably When You Talk To Her

     When a shy girl likes you secretly, she blushes when you talk to her. When you either try to compliment how she looks or how beautiful she is, you find a rosy hint on her cheeks. That means she is blushing and that is a clear sign she likes you. This is one of the sign a shy girl likes you secretly.


5. She Is Flirtatious Over Text

     If you want to know if a shy girl has feelings for you, watch how she texts you. If a shy girl likes you, she is mostly flirting via texts messages or chats indirectly. She subtle drop hidden clues while chatting or texting you, but she feels shy expressing those feelings directly to you. Most shy girls always behave in such a way as to suggest a playful sexual attraction to someone via text messages. Most times, she makes use of emojis, love emojis and so on.  Hence, she most definitely has feelings for you. 


6. She Becomes Your Secret Admirer

     Presently, we have a lot of secret admirers in our society today. If you are thinking secret admirers exists only in cartoons and movies, then you are mistaken. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, secret admirer is someone who shows that he or she thinks highly of a person (as by sending flowers) but keeps his or her identity a secret from that person. When a shy girl likes you, she becomes your secret admirer. She will constantly leave romantic love notes for you, gifts and others, but she will never reveal her identity to you. Eventually, she might start dropping subtle clues which will later reveal her identity.


7. She Never Forgets Small Details About You

     When a shy girl likes you, she will always remember things which seem almost possible to forget. You will be surprised knowing that she remembers the first time the both of you saw each other and what you were wearing that same day. She keeps every tiny detail about you in her heart.





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