How to use MyNaBo to boost your business in Africa: The complete MyNaBo guide for business owners

Learn about the features of the MyNaBo app, how to use it, and the best techniques for optimizing your social network image on MyNaBo community app.

People join MyNaBo to connect with neighbors and communities they belong to. It is like a virtual city hall or cafe where people can meet to discuss local issues. First of it's kind in Africa community. But can MyNaBo be used for business?


Yes of course, flashy neighbors can make headlines, but business can. They are the foundation of the MyNaBo community. In fact, they participate in more than 25% of all conversations on the app. In addition, 67% of participants will share business advice with their neighbors. what does that mean? For local businesses, you should pay attention to MyNaBo. Are you ready to welcome your new NaBo (neighbor)?This is an introduction to your business using MyNaBo.


What is MyNaBo?


MyNaBo positions itself as "a regional center that provides reliable communications and exchanges of useful information, goods and services for African people." In order to build credibility, MyNaBo requires new users to provide their place of residence when registering.

This can be done by phone or postcard. The MyNaBo application is now used in many African countries/regions, including the African Giant (Nigeria), where one-fifth of the households actively use the MyNaBo application. The other countries are South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Benin Republic, Togo, Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.

In addition to ordinary people, the application is also used by thousands of departments of government agencies. The company has received more than 40 million referrals. But the power of the MyNaBo social network is based on the power of intimacy.

Other platforms start globally and provide positioning tools that help brands find local audiences. MyNaBo starts and stays local until the zip code. For the company, this means that the local focus has been seamlessly embedded in the experience.

How to use MyNaBo for business

people and companies use the MyNaBo app for various reasons, from security warnings to charitable fundraising activities and more. These are some of the most common uses.

People use MyNaBo to:

meet neighbors

ask questions or post personal information

sell items

buy items, or request services.

Organize an event

Get a recommended location alert

Learn more about the location

Meet and greet

local news

Yellow Pages blog

Watch Movies or Date.

According to MyNaBo, 56% of the members are land lords, land ladies homeowners. Therefore, all four conversations are related to real estate or home.

Companies use MyNaBo to:

• Publish local advertisements for profitable companies

• Interact with the community

• Exchange special offers

• Evaluate their reputation Members and law enforcement agencies also use MyNaBo to prosecute crimes. Atolagbe Olamilekan, CEO of MyNaBo, told The Press that about 5% of the news on MyNaBo is about crime and safety. Can detect hostile language and encourage users to re edit post or take it down.


How to create a company page on MyNaBo Before creating a company profile, you need a regular MyNaBo account. Here are some step-by-step guides.

How to create a MyNaBo account.

Download the app from the

App Store or Google Play or visit and select "Register".

Enter your username,( Please note, username must not have space, it can consist of numbers and alphabets, and must be more than 6 characters)

Enter Your Email Address

Choose Your Password

Confirm Your Choosen Password

Select your Gender

Mark The Captcha security

Accept Terms of Use Privacy Policy

Click Let's Go to Signup

 After a successful Registration, A confirmation link will be sent to the provided email, Please check your inbox/spam to verify your email.

Upload your Profile Picture and click "Save Continue

Tell us about you, FIll in your information.


Next is to follow our Famous users and click finish


How to join MyNaBo as a company or Business


Log in to your account.

Choose whether you want to use a personal email address or a business email address. We recommend the latter.

Add your Page Name: e.g. "Ola Travel Tour"

Choose Your Page Url: e.g. "travel-booker"

Choose Your Page Category: eg. "Travels Tourism"

Page Description: Write something about your Business. Make sure you write a great content that best describe your services

How to set up your MyNaBo corporate/Business profile

After creating your MyNaBo corporate account, you can set up your profile as follows.

In the company profile toolbar, click Upload logo image. You will be directed to the basic information form to upload your logo.

Cover image: MyNaBo recommends 1156 x 650 pixels for cover image and to add a logo, the size should be 500 x 500 pixels.

Share your story. Think about this similar to the bio section or other places about me on social networks.

After loading, you can use drag and drop to rearrange the images.


How to promote your business on MyNaBo

There are many ways to promote your business on MyNaBo. First, you need to get recommendations from local users. You can then target users by answering their questions and comments. You can also post local classified ads to get discounts, we provide more information below on how to get recommendations from MyNaBo.

Your company will not appear in MyNaBo search results until you get three recommendations. MyNaBo invites companies to first publish their MyNaBo profile on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest. That's it.



Key metrics tracked on MyNaBo

If you want to use MyNaBo for business, you need to know whether your platform efforts are paying off. These are the metrics to be tracked by Companies in MyNaBo.

First, the company needs guidance on how to create a personal profile. The more recommendations your company receives later, the higher its ranking in company search results. If your company is recommended in the nearby area section, you will find and discover more people on MyNaBo. This indicator shows how many areas your company is visible in.To do business in more communities, your business needs to get their recommendations. The community must be within 50 miles of your business to be eligible. This number measures the number of people who see your company on the MyNaBo platform.

The more quarters, the higher this number. Organic Community Coverage On the "Analytics" tab on the dashboard, you will see a map showing the coverage of your organic community. If you click on each area, you will see how many recommendations you have received in each area. This information can be used to identify areas where the ranking can be improved. For example, you can send old emails, conduct local transactions, or even cooperate with local companies.

Local Offers View Shows how often your local offers are viewed in the MyNaBo app. Local offers can be analyzed on the "Offers" tab within 24 hours. Click on local offers not to be confused with click. This metric shows the number of times someone clicked on your business listing to see more information. Save on local discounts. Shows how often members save offers.

MyNaBo for Business and Organizations-

Tips and Best Practices Learning how to use MyNaBo for Business will bring you closer to important customers. Before you begin, remember the following tips. Encourage recommendations

Recommendations are the company's trump card in the MyNaBo app. And for good reason: 76% of participants were affected by MyNaBo recommendations.

Recommendations can improve your search ranking, influence and reputation in the local community. They don't ask for it because the customer may not know how to deliver it. Consider posting signs in your store, sending emails, blogging, or sharing your information on MyNaBo on social media. Neighbors-Only recommend neighbors and neighbors.

Create Ads or Boost Your Company Page

Promoted Ads and Boosted pages are the first paid product to appear on the MyNaBO (neighborhood) social media platform. These offers will appear on your company page, on the boost page or simply click on create ads tab, your ads and pages will be available in the recommended Company section, in the newsfeed, in the blog and forum sections, market places and in relevant searches. Of course, to create one you need to offer a local listing. It can be anything from $ 3 off a clothes or an online discount code. It all depends on your resources and your goal, whether it's generating web traffic or visits to stores. For example,, Nigeria trade by barter platform in Ikeja, used local deals to keep themselves busy in the off-season.

Creating an Ad to Boost your page, website or gain more customers


Respond to Customers Quickly


On social media, customers expect companies to respond quickly to their questions. And with MyNaBo, a fast or slow response rate can mean the difference between a good recommendation or a critical comment. Use the same tactics that you use on other social media platforms like Facebook Messenger. If you get asked the same questions frequently, create an answer database of frequently asked questions that you can use. Also, consider updating your profile details with answers to frequently asked questions. Also respond to your recommendations! Say thank you AND take the opportunity to use MyNaBo's reaction buttons as well. MyNaBo reactions Enter the MyNaBo favorites contestEvery year MyNaBo asks its community to vote for their favorite companies. Companies in the 25 favorite categories are automatically eligible to participate.

But encouraging customers to vote increases the chances of winning. To help you, MyNaBo offers a digital asset kit that includes social media images, posters, and even postcards. Winning grants your company bragging rites, especially since only 1% of companies in the MyNaBo app deserve the honor. Favorite winners will also receive in-store stickers, an in-app trophy icon and a crownbanner on their profile page. A favorite also improves MyNaBo's search results and places you in the app's favorites lists. In addition, winning companies will receive a free local offer advertisement. According to MyNaBo, the winners end up receiving 30 times more recommendations on their company page than on these pages, three times as many page views and four times as many saves in their local offers.




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