Opposition party rejects suspension of Twitter by FG

Opposition party rejects suspension of Twitter by FG

The main resistance political party in Nigeria Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has energetically dismissed what it has named the inappropriate suspension of the web-based media stage, Twitter, by the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove Federal Government.

As indicated by the resistance, the Federal Government's suspension of Twitter is draconian activity and a slide towards a fundamentalist system in the country.

The gathering in a report on Friday stated that the suspension of Twitter is a vexatious, condemnable, and uncouth move to gag Nigerians, especially the adolescents, apparently to keep them from holding the plainly bad, malignant, and disruptive Buhari organization responsible for its abominations, including common liberty infringement, disparaging of psychological oppressors and altogether suppressive demonstrations against honest Nigerians.

"Our gathering is shocked that the Federal Government could display such crude bigotry and force inebriation on the grounds that the web-based media goliath showed global accepted procedures in not permitting the Buhari administration to utilize Twitter as a stage to engender and spread the Buhari organization's disdain towards Nigerians.

"The PDP demands that instead of being a stage for exercises that are equipped for subverting Nigeria's corporate presence, as guaranteed by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, Nigerians, especially the young people, have been utilizing the online media stage, to a great extent, for exercises that advance solidarity, just as friendly, monetary and business association in our country.

Akintoye Akintola

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