Three Behaviors To Make A Man Addicted To You

Do you want to get your man addicted to you? Then this is the article you want to read now.


I want to believe everyone reading this piece is already in a relationship, whether an active or inactive one. As a matter of fact, this article will help you bring back a dying relationship to life. And if you are already enjoying your relationship, you can be sure that the knowledge you want to gain here will help you stay even more connected with your man, and he will always want to get more of you. 


Without beating around any further, let us dive in.


1. Fun 

Both genders have different qualities they seek in relationships, talking in a general sense. 


But then what came to your mind at the mention of fun? I am not driving at s£x with this, rather we are talking of the kind of fun that may as well exist outside a romantic relationship. 


Try to be more romantic with him - make it a duty to put a broad smile on his face daily. 

If in the past you usually engage him in deep, long, and boring discussions, you should stop it and seek light topics that will get him happily involved. 


To get the best result putting on this attitude, you should study your man until you understand what his definition of fun is. What is that thing one can do to help him make his day?! Find out and start ensuring you are the doer of that. 


But to bring it down, you can just do anything at all that any random man will appreciate to him and see that he admires it. 


The motive of this theory is to make your man feel good around you. Knowing fully well that we all enjoy whatever gives us pleasure. 


If you practice this perfectly, you will start working magic on your man! He will always want to reach out to you for the fun of it. Do not make his day a mess by confronting him with complicated issues after his daylong activities. 


2. Investment

You must be wondering what investment has got to do with this. Having the common picture of investment which has to do with sending your money on errands to get more, in your mind may make you see this as an odd idea. 


By investment, we mean that you should find ways to engage your man in investing in you. The reason for this is that people value what they take time to get more than the things that come along easily. 


Yeah, he has you already, but do not make it seem your totality is with him. Let him seek to get more of you. 


You may have to slow your reading pace at this point to get the information correctly because misunderstanding this will be misleading. 


This theory encourages women to set standards for their men. Your man should know you are unique and rare. Do not just start agreeing with every opinion of his that hits you. This is not to discourage you from being submissive to him, but to help him value you highly. 


Your man should have to do certain things to get a certain part of you. 

For instance, when he wants to sleep over with you, let him know how fortunate he is to have that chance if you will allow him. 


You may simply need to sit back on your own and look for better ways to set standards for your man because men vary and you know your man more than I do. 


3. Reward

And here comes the final behavior on how our list. If you have been following up, you will notice that the behaviors are in chronological order. 


A reward is what accompanies investment. How would you feel if after investing in a business you get nothing in turn?! And that is exactly what relationships can be when you employ the investment tactic. 


One of the things men love the most is making fun. If you can give it to your man, let him get it as a result of his investment. 


Other rewards include kissing him, hugging him more romantically; cuddling. 


You can as well drop complementary words for him in your private chats to tell him how honored you always feel knowing that you have him. 


Moreso, a man will feel on top of the world if after hugging you, you let him know you melt in his arms. 


In conclusion


When a man is always happy being with you (which fun will do), he will be longing for more of you. And since he wants more of you, make him invest in you. After investing, do not let his efforts go to waste, so reward him. 

This is a chain that the man wants to keep moving provided a reward is always available. 


Thanks for reading, and if you enjoy this piece do not forget to follow me up for more. 




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