Fifth suspect arrested in Germany over 2019 Dresden museum jewellery heist

Fifth suspect arrested in Germany over 2019 Dresden museum jewellery heist

German investigators have arrested a fifth suspect in connection with the high-profile heist of jewellery from a museum in Dresden.


A 22-year-old man - the twin brother of another suspect in custody - was arrested at an apartment in Berlin on Monday evening, prosecutors said. He had twice avoided capture from the authorities previously, they added.


According to the public prosecutor's office, a mobile phone and clothing were also seized.


Four other suspects had been detained in the German capital in November and December over the spectacular theft.


18th-century jewels including a large diamond brooch and a diamond epaulette were stolen from Dresden's Green Vault Museum in November 2019.


Searches at more than a dozen locations so far have not yielded the missing treasures.



Investigators are convinced that the five young men - from the Remmo family in Berlin - were directly involved in the heist and have accused them of organised robbery and arson.


Since March, a manhunt has also been underway for four other men suspected of aiding and abetting the theft.


Members of the Remmo family were also convicted last year over the theft of a 100-kilogram Canadian gold coin - dubbed the "Big Maple Leaf" from Berlin's Bode Museum in 2017.


The coin, with an estimated value of €3.75 million euros has not been recovered, and authorities suspect that it was likely cut up into smaller pieces and sold off.

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