This article explain in details how most food we often consume in a high level due to its deliciousness isn't really ideal health wise. For more clarity, read further:

Taste is one of the major factors that has a very vital  role in food choices. As it is one of the organoleptic properties that influences food selection. Taste is the sensation that is perceived  by an organ in the body known as the “tongue” and it is composed of taste buds.

The taste buds are divided  into four vital parts; sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Taste is the major determinant of food consumption, as every food is chosen based on the taste that is being craved.

The Sweet taste is the most desired taste by all humans, as it is one taste people long for, which further influences selection or choices of food for  consumption. It has greatly influenced food consumption, production, selling rate and food processing. It’s a taste most commonly perceived while consuming or eating food widely known for  “pleasurable fulfillment”.

In our present world the ultra-processed and chemically processed foods also known as “junk foods”  “baked snacks” or “convenience foods” as well as “canned foods”  (pastries, candies, ice creams, cakes, etc.) have the highest consumption and purchasing rate due to the crunchy, cripsy and sweet fulfilling taste it possesses, and gradually the adoption of these foods as normal diet is on prevalent.

According to research, ultra processed foods contain high amounts of sugar,  (they are energy dense), saturated fats,  trans fats, sweeteners,  and sodium (salt) and excess consumption of it has resulted in the upsurge of malnutrition because of the little nutritional value, which also has contributed to the risk of having chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases a lot more.

Nevertheless, it is therefore advisable that  ultra processed  foods should be consumed in limited quantity and people should rather engage more in consuming an adequate diet; a meal comprising of all the six classes of nutrients, in the right proportion; as its significance to overall health and well being is of huge advantage. it guarantees good health and longevity. 

In conclusion, taste has a strong influence on what we eat no doubt but our daily food selection and consumption  shouldn’t solely focus on  “craving satisfaction” but eating adequately  to maintain optimum health and well being.


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