FIRS introduces platform for filing naira-denominated tax returns

FIRS introduces platform for filing naira-denominated tax returns

A new channel has been introduced by the federal inland revenue service (FIRS) for filing naira-denominated tax returns which will take effect from June 7.

This was contained in a statement released by the executive chairman of FIRS, Muhammad Nami.

The FIRS chairman said the tax administration solution (TaxPro-Max) is aimed at easing tax compliance and modernisation of tax administration in the country.


“TaxPro-Max enables seamless registration, filing, payment of taxes and automatic credit of withholding tax as well as other credits to the taxpayer’s accounts among other features, TaxPro-Max also provides a single-view to taxpayers for all transactions with the service,” Nami said.

The FIRS chief said all taxpayers have been notified that naira-denominated tax returns are to be filed via the TaxPro-Max in order to generate the obligatory document identity number (DIN).

”Taxpayers will not be able to pay without the DIN; as such, taxpayers wanting to submit their tax returns manually must visit the relevant tax office where FIRS personnel will be on hand to assist them to upload the returns and generate the DIN,” he said.

“In view of the time it might take to upload manual returns and generate the DIN, taxpayers are encouraged to bring manual returns for upload at least, two weeks before the due date.”

“Qualified personnel of the service are on hand to assist taxpayers experiencing challenges in recording returns on the TaxPro-Max. They may be reached via email (

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