The Importance Of Using Rectangular Or Landscape Images As Thumbnail On MyNabo

Why landscape images are important as thumbnail when writing on MyNabo

Dear Publishers, 

     While it might be very easy to source images on Google or any site you prefer, it is important to know that those images you want to use don't appear as expected when your blog post is published on MyNabo. We know the importance of images in our articles. It conveys 50% percent or more of what your blog post entails. Despite having a well-constructed and suitable headline, your thumbnail also play a key role in getting you engagements and views on that particular article.

     We've noticed that some of our publishers on MyNabo publish their articles using square-shaped pictures as their thumbnail or post cover photo. Most times, publishers don't use landscape images as their thumbnail. Instead, they use rectangular images in contrast to landscape images. Which often results in the face of an entity being removed or cut due to improper measurement. 

     This is to let our publishers know that going forward, all cover photo or thumbnail should appear in landscape or rectangular for better viewing on MyNabo. This will help a lot in letting your articles meets its desired audience. It will also boost your article and enable it to rank high as well.


Let's carefully take a look at some thumbnail of these blog post


Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

     These are 3 different thumbnail of different blog post on MyNabo. From Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, you can see that the face of the entities where slashed completely (check Fig. 1). From Fig. 1, any reader who stumbles upon the post, reads the title and see that the thumbnail doesn't match with the headline, they won't be captivated to see what the article is talking about. Same thing with Fig. 2. 

     Fig. 3 perfectly portrays what the article is talking about which is; "5 Reasons Why People Sleep In Church". A reader who sees that thumbnail and reads the headline will know what to expect in the article. Also, the article gets to perform well in terms of engagements. 

     As a publisher on MyNabo, the size of your thumbnail is a perquisite if you want your article to rank or if you want your article to reach its targeted audience. Always ensure to select an image that best suit your headline. The measurement should be 610 x 420 [600 by 400].

     Many might have a good story or information to pass across, and the best way to relate that information is to use the style that best suits the readers. The best way to do that is by applying the right photos to your written words.


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