A Manchester United fan’s letter to Edinson Cavani

A Manchester United fan’s letter to Edinson Cavani

Dear Edinson Cavani,

After watching a delightful performance in the second half against AS Roma, I decided to pen this letter. The brace against the Italian outfit not only allowed me to sleep peacefully but to start the day on a great note.


There is nothing more joyful than a club’s victory for an Asian fan who decides to negotiate with sleep gods and watches his team play games late in the night. A loss/draw would have ruined the whole day!

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, the value of the No.7 jersey had drastically dropped. People started to call it the cursed number as the players like Antonio Valencia, Memphis Depay, Angel di Maria and Alexis Sanchez failed to entertain.

It seems like that the number was made for the greats of the game. You came to England and broke the curse.

You have scored 12 goals in 17 starts for Manchester United across all competitions in the first season itself when others struggled to create chances with No 7 printed on their back.

How was Cavani treated by Premier League fans when he joined the Man United? How has he proved them wrong?

People termed you a “panic buy” by the club on the deadline day but you have proved them wrong. The amount of experience that you bring is vast and the players have certainly benefitted from it.

Mason Greenwood is a glaring example of a player that is learning from you. Our wunderkind’s movement has certainly developed under your guidance.

We haven’t missed Anthony Martial only because of the way that you’ve played. Any club would have struggled without a striker at the business end of the season. Cavani, you have made our lives easier by dominating the opposition with your height and predator nature.


I’m sure everyone that is associated with Manchester United in any sort of way wants you to stay after watching your performances this season.


 haven’t been to Old Trafford till now but it is certainly a different place with fans. It is “Theatre of Dreams” and we want you to perform the “bow and arrow” goal celebration in front of a huge crowd who are set to return next season.

Even at 34, your work rate is top tier. Watching you come back to support the defense against the Everton players in dying embers of the FA Cup fixture was memorable.

Yes, it is the twilight of your career. And, the rumors are making rounds that you want to play for Boca Juniors. But, I still believe you can be an incredible asset for a top club like Manchester United for at least another season.

The fans do want a striker but the market is just so inflated. Also, most of the players don’t have the calibre as well as experience to wear the shirt of Manchester United.


Personally, I would love to watch you score the winning goal next season for Manchester United which would bring the title back home after nine seasons! That requires calmness and a predator nature which can be seen only in you.

Us fans believe that you will make a wise decision favouring all parties involved.

Yours truly,

A Manchester United fan!

John Jay

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