20 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Nigeria That Can Fetch You Money This Christmas

The time of the year is here when family members and colleagues at working place exchange Christmas gifts. This season isn’t about the exchange of gifts, it is also the time for creative persons to make money from the services they render.

This simply means the supply and demand




1. Short Term Rental
The first on our list is the short-term rental industry. Short-term letting is simply renting a home to people who will only be staying for a short time. As a result, individuals from various locations travel to other locations to have fun during and after Christmas. These people require a safe and secure environment in which to unwind with their loved ones.

Terraces with the necessary amenities, according to real estate investors, would undoubtedly meet the high housing demand demands of family members who would like to spend their vacation away from home.


Do you know why places like Lagos, Abuja, Osogbo, Obudu, PH, Ibadan, and others see this as an excellent business opportunity? Because hotel demand is typically strong during this time of year, short-term rentals may be a good way to supplement overbooked hotel rooms.




2. Shoes for Sale

We all know that during the Christmas season, people love to dress up and appear nice in order to impress local people, especially those who spend their vacations in their villages. So this is the time to launch a shoe-selling company.


You can receive examples of shoes you wish to sell from places like Aliexpress, Jumia, and Konga, among others. Download the photographs and start marketing on your social media networks, WhatsApp, and other platforms.


When a customer requests a specific shoe, you can now go to one of the above-mentioned online e-commerce websites and place an order for the shoe, which you can then deliver to the customer.




3. Content Promotion

Internet sales, like digital marketing jobs, necessitate SEO-friendly content that generates leads from online searches. Some online marketplaces provide Black Friday deals, and they're looking for content marketers to assist them develop search-based articles that will drive online traffic. Why not put your abilities to use and earn some cash during this time if you're a decent content marketer?


4.Cleaning and fumigation services 

Families located outside of Nigeria will want to return to Nigeria for the Christmas holidays to spend time with their loved ones, and will require someone to clean and tidy their abandoned house in Nigeria. You can take advantage of the situation.



5. Livestock Auctions

We all know that Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and that people will need to cook their meals with chicken, goat meat, cow, and other meats, so if you own livestock, now is the time to sell them and make some money.


6. Flowers for Sale


If you live in a country where Christmas gifts such as flowers are respected and loved, you might make money by selling flowers during this time.


7. Toys for Sale

Children's toys are always in high demand during the Christmas season because children require something to play with during this special time of year, which their parents usually provide. So you can go out and purchase these toys at wholesale prices and then resell them for a profit.




8.Service for Storage Facilities 

People may wish to acquire products ahead of time during this period, but most consumers do not have adequate capacity to store them.

If you have a secure storage facility, this is another profitable business possibility.




9. Internet Marketing

The majority of online marketplaces or individuals with products appropriate for holiday gifts are not digital media experts. They require experts to assist them in putting their products in front of billions of potential buyers all over the world.


If you're a digital marketer, it's to send out proposals to freelancers and inform your social media followers about the benefits of employing your service.


10. Band for a Holiday Party

People use the end of the year to relax and enjoy good music; you can form a band to perform at the event center or at homes where family and friends congregate.




11. Songs for the Holidays


Are you a composer or performer of music? If that's the case, this is your chance. You can write unique Christmas tunes for your family. This service allows you to earn a lot of money. The fact that the song is dedicated to a family makes it precious, and you want them to pay for your service, depending on their financial situation.


12. Jewellery Sales

Necklaces and hand bangles, among other products, are among the most popular items throughout this season. If you don't have a large budget for this business, you can use the same business model that we used for shoe sales.


13. Organizing Events

Although event planning is not a new profession, what we witness year after year reveals that individuals enjoy preparing events during the "ember month," such as house warmings.


Not only that, but this is the time of year when friends get together for a reunion party, which necessitates the services of a planner to ensure that the occasion is memorable. Depending on the financial level and class of the organizers, you might earn anywhere from NGN80,000 to NGN500,000 by simply organizing an event.




Firecrackers, also known as Banger or Knockout, are always used to mark the beginning of the holiday season.


However, due to a security concern in Nigeria and the failure of users to follow safety precautions when using firecrackers, the Nigeria Police Force issued a ban.


If you live in a country where this Christmas gift is not prohibited, however, you can make a lot of money. Children adore it, and some adults, regardless of religious belief, purchase them to usher in the new year.




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