How To Go Viral With Instagram Reels Ad 2022 |Create The Perfect Instagram Reels Ads

In August of 2020, Instagram launched Reels. Users can create multi-clip videos of up to 60 seconds and add audio and effects to the TikTok-inspired short-form video format.

Users of the platform have quickly adopted reels as a favorite format for discovering new content and engaging with new accounts.

Unsurprisingly, brands can now use Reels ads to capitalize on the format's popularity and reach out to specific audiences.

Continue reading to find out what Instagram Reels ads are and how to make engaging and effective Reels ads.


What are Instagram Reels ads, and how do they work?

Instagram Reels ads, which debuted globally in mid-June 2021, are a new ad placement on the platform.


Instagram Reels ads are similar to Instagram Stories ads in that they both:


Are vertical, full-screen videos available?

Show up in the middle of non-sponsored Stories/Reels.

Sponsorships are indicated (as all IG ads are)

Reels ads, unlike Stories ads, loop and can last up to 30 seconds, with users being able to like, comment, save, and share the ad content, just like regular Reels and Instagram posts.


Instagram Reels ads appear in the same places in the app where users can find and consume organic Reels content, such as the Reels tab, Explore page, and their feeds.


And there's a lot of potential in that exposure. "Reels is the best place on Instagram to reach people who don't follow you and a growing global stage where brands and creators can be discovered by anyone," according to Instagram's Business Team. These ads will help businesses reach a wider audience, allowing people to discover new content from brands and creators that inspires them."



What is the best way to make Instagram Reels ads?

It's a good idea to test the waters by creating regular, organic Instagram Reels content before creating your first Reels ads. This will assist you in determining whether this is the right ad format for you and, if so, what types of Reels content should be promoted as ads.


Note that you need to set up an Instagram Business account to get access to the Ads Manager.


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