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A post on how myNabo platform works, and how to earn on the platform.

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Have you ever wanted selling your knowledge, or putting your skills into practice to earn income in return?
Perhaps you might have given up already, I just can’t earn with this skill. But don’t worry, it’s not time to give up yet. If you are opportune to stumble on this article, keep reading to find out how it works.
Writers always want to make an impact and inspire people right? Not all those who save lives wear capes, Writers too do.
MyNabo is what you need to make that dream turn into a reality. MyNabo provides its users the opportunity to earn money without putting in much needed efforts. As a writer, you can make money (monthly) from your comfort zone. I'm sure you are already thinking "it's impossible" or "there is always a price tag attached" or it's just another "ponzi scheme" and so on. Well, don’t judge too fast.
Do you know that on MyNabo, you can make substantial amount of money by carrying out easy tasks, such as Liking, Commenting, sharing post and creating a blog post? I mean publishing your write-ups. Sounds interesting right? Yeah, I know and that's not all. The juicy part of this story is that you can still use it as your normal social media messaging and fun filled app. Interestingly, for those wanting their business to reach their desired audience at the comfort of their Home, this is your chance!! Pounce on it.
For every action I take, I earn?
What an app!!
Don't get too excited yet, there is a price for everything in life right? Surely, there's a price too for using MyNabo platform.
1. Each registered user must pay to become a earning member. Mind you, I said "Earning member", not "FREE USER". Though, FREE members can still earn, but are unable to withdraw without subscribing to MyNabo plans.
2. In order for it to be a WIN-WIN, you have to subscribe to any plan of your choice. This will enable you to withdraw your incomes.
3. Note, the difference between FREE members and subscribed members is that, free members earn at a slow pace, while subscribed members earn higher and faster. Also, subscribed members are given more user-friendly experience than free members. Sounds interesting right?
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