Look What Jealousy Made Me Do

This is a story written by Grace about the consequences of excessive Jealousy. It's normal to get jealous when you are in a relationship with someone but when it becomes too much, it becomes a problem. What's the craziest thing you have done out of jealousy?

“Look What Jealousy Made Me do”


I am not a bad person, I’m just someone who finds it very hard to trust people. Maybe I’m just insecure but all I know is that my level of jealousy is enough to poison the whole world. And I wish I could control it… 


Well, I am married to a very nice man whom I love so much. I am a very possessive and obsessive lover so I hardly give him any breathing space. And each time he complains about it, it makes me feel he is cheating on me. “What’s so wrong with me being crazily in love with my husband?” “What’s wrong with me wanting him all to myself?”  I see nothing wrong with that but I should have. 


I’m so jealous to the point I get angry when I see my husband talking to a waitress or even trying to be friendly with any woman at all. I always have the strong urge to punch him and the girl… it’s that bad. One time, I almost slapped a waitress for smiling at my husband. That night I was blowing hot in public as I questioned her about being too friendly to my husband. I had no idea why I was shouting like a mad woman but I just couldn’t stop, I was freaking jealous. I don't even allow him to talk to my friends. Yes, I fear they might snatch him away from me. I have lost one friend because I accused her of flirting with my husband. When she told me she was just being nice, I told her to stop responding to anything my husband said or I would mark her as an enemy. She became uncomfortable with our friendship and that was how it ended. 


I have done a lot of crazy things out of jealousy. And each time I do it, my husband starts giving me the silent treatment which makes me even angrier. 


I started suspecting his every move… I was always stalking him to know what he was up to. My mind was always troubled because I always thought he was cheating on me. The jealousy kept on eating me, pushing me to be unstable in my marriage. Everything led to a quarrel because I was always trying to find out if he had anything to do with another lady, whether harmless or not. 


But everything blew up in my face one day when I did the craziest thing out of blind jealousy. 


I was supposed to be at work that morning but I decided to go to my husband’s place of work instead. I pretended like I was going to work as I watched him drive off to his place of work. But I followed him behind without him knowing, he entered the building and his colleagues greeted him. I was still lurking around the building waiting for the moment I will catch him cheating on me or being too playful with his female colleagues. 


My heart skipped a beat when I saw him stepping out with his female colleague. They were headed to his car and she was laughing and playfully tapping him. As I watched this from where I was standing, I was overcome by anger … I didn’t even think before marching toward the lady who was joking with my husband. I dragged her by her wig and started punching her eyes. She couldn't defend herself because she hadn't been expecting an attack. 


I was behaving like a crazy woman and my husband was trying so hard to get me off the poor woman I was hitting. But I didn’t stop till I was sure she was thoroughly beaten. She was weeping when I was done with her and her eye was swollen. 


The security guard rushed from his post to escort me out while my husband went back to console the woman. I just couldn’t take it… I looked around for a stone to cause more damage. I was still mad... I got a stone which I threw at them before the security man could stop me. And it landed on my husband’s head. He screamed and I saw he was bleeding. And that was when my eyes cleared of the jealousy. “What have I done?” I asked myself as the security man detained me, threatening to call the police for me. 


My husband was later taken to the hospital where he was treated. I came in to see him, there was a big bandage on his head and I felt so guilty. And then, he told me he was ending our marriage. I pleaded with him not to do that but he told me he couldn't continue a marriage with someone who could kill him one day. I told him I did it out of jealousy, that I wasn't thinking clearly. Then, he told me that the woman I injured was his senior colleague and he only wanted to drop her off while he went running some errands. After his explanation, it was quite obvious he had nothing to do with her. Now, the innocent woman had one black eye because of what I did. 


I was truly ashamed of myself... Look what jealousy made me do to my poor husband that I claim to love. 


What's the craziest thing you have done because of jealousy?

Grace Amadi

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nenye 22 w

you should really apologies to the victims that was really awful

Xam Xin 22 w

i don't get jealous