Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Revealed That Their Children Won’t Inherit Their Wealth

When it comes to wealth, hollywood celebrities are ranked at the top of the table. However, while most would think that passing on ones wealth to the next generation is a general thing, these celebrities have proven otherwise.

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1. Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis

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American actor Ashton Kutcher and her wife Mila Kunis I’ve made it clear to the public that their kids won’t be getting a slice of their million-dollar pie; the Hollywood couple revealed this during a podcast hosted by Dax Shepard, during the podcast the couple revealed that their kids are living a privileged life and they don’t even know it, therefore, they won’t be setting up a trust for them and they will end up giving away their money to charity and various things. The couple’s net-worth is reportedly above $100 Million, which they amassed from investments and also starring in popular movies like No Strings Attached (2011), Killers, Jobs (2013), The Guardians (2005), Cheaper By The Dozen (2003), Oz The Great and Powerful (2013), Friends With Benefits (2011), Black Swan (2010), and lots more

2. Jackie Chan

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Famous martial artist and Hollywood actor Jackie Chan has made a lot of money from his near-death related stunts in blockbuster movies like; Who Am I? (1998), Rush Hour 1 and 2, Police Story (1985), Rumble In The Bronx (1995), Drunken Master II (1994), Supercop (1992), and lots more. Relating to the inheritance he revealed in 2011 that if his son is capable, "he can make his own money and if he is not, he will just be wasting his own money" — currently, Jackie Chan’s net worth is over $100 million. Jackie Chan is an ardent fan of charity and he adores charitable people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, before disinheriting his family, he vow to donate half his wealth to charity upon his death.

3. Gordon Ramsey

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Famous talented and foul-mouthed chef, Gordon Ramsey has impressed a lot of his fans around the world with his awesome cooking and also foul mouth while judging other cook’s food. When asked about his children inheriting his wealth, he revealed that the only thing he and his wife Tana have agreed upon is that their children would get a 25% deposit on a flat but not the whole flat.

4. Daniel Craig

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Daniel Craig is famously known for starring in multiple action blockbuster movies most notably, the James Bond movies since 2005, the actor reportedly received a whopping $25 million for his final role as the British spy and will also receive a whopping $100 million from the Netflix sequel, Knives Out. The actor told a magazine that his philosophy is to get rid of his wealth or give it away before he dies because he doesn’t want to live a great sum to the next generation.

5. Simon Cowell

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Co-judge on popular shows like The X-Factor, American Idol, and American’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell revealed in 2013 that he is going to leave his money to somebody or charity, in addition, he revealed that he doesn’t believe in passing wealth from one generation to another, that his legacy is to help other succeed rather than dumping money in their kid’s bank account.

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