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MyNaBO is a platform that pays users for every activity they take.

Users are compensated for reading news, like, commenting, recommending new users, publishing a post, and writing blog entries on the platform.

I know what you're thinking: "It can't be done." Well, it is.

This is how MyNaBO compensates itself and its users.

How does MyNaBO pay its users, and where does this money originate from to ensure long-term viability?

Our platform has a variety of marketers that wish to reach out to consumers throughout the platform with their products. They pay for these services by depositing funds into the platform wallet; we also use Google Adsense to display ads to our users.

Google pays us to place advertising on our platform, and we pay our users from the money Google pays us. Our users contribute to the platform by being active, socially engaged, and providing us with material such as posting, inviting members, and writing a blog post.

When you introduce a new user and that person subscribes to our pro package to enable withdrawal, you will receive a 300 Naira commission from that transaction. Using the site, you may earn 15k Naira every month from the comfort of your own home.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 naira.

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