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How well you adapt to change determines how long it takes you to let go.

In fact, many people take a lifetime to let go of an ex, their past, or inner limitations because they fear and resist change.

They are afraid of stepping into the unknown and of what will happen when they do let go.

Because they can't predict what will happen next, they feel out of control and powerless.

But here's the thing...

Resisting change is tantamount to saying no to life and to the here and now. To happiness. To true love. To success and abundance.

Everything you want to experience, achieve and have is in the unknown, not in the past or the known.

While you cannot control the flow of change itself, you can decide and control whether you resist change out of fear or whether you adapt to the flow of change, go with it and surrender to it.

When you surrender to the flow of change, you say yes to life and open yourself up to success, to true love, and to a new and better way of living.

Therein lies true power and how you can reach the next level of health, happiness, abundance and success.