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Thomas Tuchel on today’s 2-2 draw against Tottenham:

“The players know what input they put into this game, mentally and physically, we were so sharp, fully on it.

“We played a brilliant match. It was such a step-up for us from the first day in Everton. I’m very disappointed for the players they don’t get the reward they should have.

“It happens during life as a football coach that you sometimes get caught in the last minute. We will hopefully have it in a season that we will steal some points in the last minute. It cannot happen when we have VAR, goals allowed that are irregular goals. It’s unacceptable.”

When asked if he had a problem with the officiating:

“Absolutely. The fans, and the whole dressing room. I cannot understand how the first goal is not offside, and I cannot understand since when players can pull other people’s hair and stay on the pitch. There is no explanation, and I don’t want to accept it. I have no words for it. Both goals should not stand, and then it’s a fair result.”

On when he clashed with Antonio Conte:

“I compare it to two players who have a bit of a fight on the pitch but nothing happens, nobody gets injured. It’s Premier League football, the two managers got involved today because both were fighting for our teams. That was it.

“Nobody got insulted, we didn’t have a fistfight. For me it’s not a big deal. It was part of the game today. I enjoyed it, I think he enjoyed it as well! It was nothing bad.”

On Kante’s injury:

“It seems like a muscle injury, a hamstring. He said he feels it pretty strong, so not good.”

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Edou Mendy has been shortlisted for the 2022 Yashin Trophy! 👏
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